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Loftiss says “The Wedding Website”

It’s been a minute since I’ve had my last  WEDDING TALK post. Honestly I’ve been so wrapped up with engagement party details + planning  my trip back South for Christmas, I haven’t had a chance to touch base about my wedding. Since last we spoke I sent out my Save-The-Dates, got my engagement pictures done,  made my wedding website and set dates for engagement parties in Georgia, Alabama and a bridal shower in February. Whew!  Today I wanted to chat with you  about how important wedding websites are. I know it seems overwhelming to the bride, just another thing you must add to your to-do list,  but truly it is of dire importance to the guests. Especially if you have a lot of out-of-town folks coming, it is the thoughtful thing to guide them.

It is YOUR responsibility to inform your guests.

There are sooooooooooo many sites online where you can start a website. I personally did mine on Wedding Wire.  I think weddings are so expensive there is no need to buy a site. I DO however believe it’s important to create your own personal link. Mine originally was I thought it was too long to remember and to put on the invites. For a few extra $, I got rid of the wedding wire bit and just combined out names. Viola! Easy to remember!

Since I’m a Virgo I could seriously obsess over the site for months. Instead you just have to put it up and let it go into the world. When I first started my blog years ago I would rewrite and re-edit 10x. Now I re-read it 2x and be done with it.  No one is judging your site. If anything they are loving the story about you and your fiancé’ and all the pictures. What’s most important is the details for the events. Make sure you get the address, date, and time correct. This will be so important so you don’t have to get random texts the day of your events asking ridiculous questions that is already on the website. Inform your guests so they have everything need to know so you can just show up ready to mingle.

I hope you take my advice and make a website. Welcome to my site. If you are on your mobile (click to see full website version):


And look back next Monday for #MakeItWork I’ll be showing you my engagement pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo, Loftiss

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