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Loftiss says “Make It Work”: Gatsby Style

I was so thrilled to celebrate Keltie and Chris the other night at their “Gatbsy Wedding” Celebration.  Again between my years as a performer, sorority/pageant girl- I feel I excel at costumes! I could have easily worn my turban that I created for my “Old Hollywood Glamour”  birthday a few years back but wanted to DIY something new and wonderful JUST for this occasion. NOTE: I didn’t spend $1 on this costume. These were all things in my closet.


bracelet, brooch, elastic headband

photo 1-1

This bracelet was a gift my dear dear friend and pageant dad Harold. Kind of perfect considering Miss America was last night!

photo 2-1I

I simply tied the elastic to either side. It doesn’t need to be exact or even pretty! I use my hair to cover up any imperfections.

photo 4

Tied. It actually looks like a necklace here. If you have a bracelet you think would be a fabulous necklace grab a piece of thick beautiful ribbon and revamp it! #MakeItWork

photo 2

Viola! Headpiece is ready to go. I placed the headpiece on my head and tied the purple elastic to tighten and feel secure. (As always, I shake my head like a crazy person to see if it will loosen. Listen I have to dance it mustn’t move!) I then grab my curling iron. Hair is just like anything….it can be trained. Several times running the curling iron and making sure it wants to curl/flip out and we are ready to pin. Then I proceeded to tuck my hair around the elastic like this , I used the brooch as the final detail to cover all extra bobby pins.

photo 3

Here is the final look!



Here’s some pictures from the party!








I received several emails asking me some tips on Gatsby style. It was truly an incredibly fun party so I definitely suggest you choosing this as your next costume party! I decided to make a quick list to help with your party style. As always decide what your focal point is and go from there.  I suggest goggling images for your inspiration.



1. When I think of Gatsby I think sultry. The color palette usually uses dark greys for eyes and deep dark red/maroon lips. BEAUTY TIP: I didn’t have a red dark enough so I used a black eyeliner and covered my entire lips. Then I used a red lip stain on top. I got a million compliments and I didn’t have to spend a dime on a lip color that I’ll never wear again!

2. The details are what makes the look. Pearls, feathers, furs and rhinestones were all the rage. Go digging in your grandma’s clothes or hit your favorite vintage stores. You want everything to look antique.

3. The hair, in my opinion, is the hardest thing to nail. Finger waves are extremely hard to do yourself so if you have the time and the money – have your hair stylist do this look. The hair is is all about being polished. No flyways. Perfectly curled glamorous hair. Practice, practice, practice and you can have perfect 1920’s hair yourself. I always do a run through for an event…you want the mistakes to happen then and not on our actual night.

4. Have fun! Go big or go home. The worst feeling is coming home and wished you had gone all out. Pull out that boa, that cigarette holder, those opera length gloves. Have a blast and don’t’ forget to send me pictures!

xoxo, Loftiss


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