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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Dress for Keltie’s Wedding

Last Saturday I had the most wonderful time at my best friend’s wedding. It was a small gathering full of some of my most favorite people. For months I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to wear to this big event. The invite requested boho long dresses and possibility going bare foot.  Hmmmm since I am not very bohemian I decided in my head I wanted to wear a long floral gown. After months and months of searching I FINALLLLY found a dress. One major problem…it was WAY to big for me. No worries I had 6 days til the wedding and I am the queen of alterations!!!!!


The dress

It was originally $275 from Nordstrom Rack down to $78. Score. Here I am in the dressing room trying it on. I wish I had a picture with me not gripping the extra fabric in the back. Since the dress was about 2+ sizes too big, I needed a fabulous tailor to get the job done.


Here I am getting the dress altered. It was already discussed the zipper would have to be moved over and a solid 2 inches out on both sides. PERFECT!


Of course the slit was not high enough for me. I needed it brought up 😉


First fitting. Ummmmm better but it still wasn’t right. Since the draping of the fabric was so heavy it still looked like I had no waist. I knew this dress would be a challenge but I have not given up hope.


I asked the seamstress to take an extra inch and a half  from either side.


VICTORY! It took a little extra time but the dress turned out exactly how I imagined!



Dress: $78

Alterations: $55

Total Amount: $133

It was still was $144 less than the original price AND was hand tailored to fit me perfectly. I think this was well worth the effect. Take a look!


Me and the beautiful bride. Doesn’t she look completely lovely?!?!?








We obviously had TOOOOOO much fun! Seriously one of the best nights ever. If you want to see more of Chris and Keltie’s wedding – click HERE! Here’s to an incredible week. (I have my birthday, shooting an Infomercial and having my girls weekend ie Bachelorette weekend. whoooo hooooo!!!!) Love to you all

xoxo, Loftiss

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