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Loftiss says “Make It Work”: Guest blog- Make-up Tips For No Sleep!

This weekend I had my beastie’s wedding. Don’t worry I’ll have a post next week about all the fun festivities!!!!! I got to play with so many fab friends that I rarely see, one being the super talented Sarah Appleby from New York! She has worked with A list celebs, musicians, models to Glamour/Nylon/ Rolling Stone Magazine to Victoria’s Secret, Saks 5th Ave to NYFW (actually ran into her backstage last fashion week!). Even though Sarah has done everything under the sun – she is just a super cool, laid back girl. She is always willing to act a fool and dance with me which means we will be friends for life.  I had a blast watching her make up Keltie for the wedding and catching up. I keep up with her blog and saw that she had a feature in Cosmopolitan and wanted to share her genius thoughts. Enjoy….

20130814-161430 Cream eyeliner- buying that stat!!!! Find out other incredible tips by following her blog-


Here is our “beauty editorial” shot from the photo booth Saturday. #Major


xoxo, Loftiss

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