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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Keltie’s Closet Makeover

Last week I spent the night at one of my beastie’s homes to help organize her closet. I know this sounds totally borinnnnngggggggg to some but  I was jazzed to use my OCD ways for good. Kelt wrote a blog and posted pixs about her transformed closet on her blog A Pretty Little Heart. As always, I have a million more tips that I’m just dying to share to share with you all. One post at a time right?  See if anything  inspires you to take a few hours out of your week to make your home not just organized but happy to live in!!!! Take a look!


Hi guys! I’m so excited to start showing you guys my new house! It’s not ready for a big reveal yet, but I did finish one very important project. MY CLOSET! There is a bizarre cut out short room off my walk-in closet, and I was really unsure what to do with it. I was hoping it could be used as a shoe closet.

I enlisted my darling friend Emily Loftiss from to come over and help. She was amazing, and helped me not only organize everything, but she also made me throw out all my plastic jewelry. (wah. wah) but a few things that she did do that have made me so happy, were:

Click here to keep reading & see pixs!!!!


xoxo, Loftiss


Here’s a peak into my new Cali closet after my Mirror Experiment!

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