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Loftiss says ‘Make It Work” Monday: 5 Innovative Ways to Use Eyeshadow!

This weekend I was traveling for work and stayed with a dear friend Jackie. While getting ready to hit the town she asked me to give her smokey eyes. While applying makeup and gabbing she said  “I don’t know how you do all your blog posts constantly. Every time I read one I learn something new but honestly I don’t have time to always read them all.” This got me thinking. I am constantly getting new followers and have 3 years of posts that I’m really proud of.  I am going to pull a few posts from the archives to share with you just in case you missed them. Here’s a fun guest post I did for Birchbox back in December. You’ll love this one!


5 Innovative Ways to Use Eyeshadow: Guest Blogger

Emily Loftiss, of Loftiss Says…, is a style and beauty maven who can take even the worst fashion debacle and make it a winning situation—who else could turn a who else could turn an old, too-small dress into an awesome style find from your own closet?  This week, she’s telling us her top shopping picks for the holidays, her 5-minute trick to scoring gorgeous night out makeup, and more.


I am all about finding numerous ways to use one product. Many of the useful tricks below came from moments when I was in a pinch and had to make it work. Let me share my former MacGyver makeup moments with you since they’re now part of my daily routine:

Note: These looks work best with shimmery shadow in shades of pink, metallic, gold and white


1. Lipstick

I use this trick all the time: Swipe on a nude or pinky lip liner, then apply eye shadow as the base with your fourth finger. To finish, apply gloss on top. It’s truly genius. This look will stay on all night and I promise you’ll receive compliments on the new shade!

2. Cheekbone Highlight

All you need to spotlight your cheekbones is sparkle to reflect light. Nothing works better than eye shadow. Run the powder just above your cheekbone from your temple to the middle of the apple of the cheek. Voilà—instant highlight.

3. All Around Face Shimmer

While mixing your foundation, add some shine from your eye shadow. It’s super easy: in the palm of your hand, drop in a coin-sized amount of eye shadow. Next add primer, foundation or moisturizer (whichever you like), rub it all together, and apply that on your face. You’ll be amazed at how youthful your skin will look.

4. Body Shimmer

You only need a few swipes from your eye shadow palette to create some body bling. Strategically apply the powder on your décolletage and down your arms, and you’re ready for that strapless number. You can also mix it with body lotion for a more flawless finish (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn this on the red carpet). It’s much less messy than sparkly lotions.

5. Eye shadow

I mean you did buy it because it’s eyeshadow. I think all these looks work best when you apply the same shadow on your eyes that you use on the other parts of your body. Give it a test-drive and let me know how it goes!


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 Sharing an exciting collaboration with a fashion site next week + an incredible giveaway. Don’t forget to check back!!!!

xoxo, Loftiss

One thought on “Loftiss says ‘Make It Work” Monday: 5 Innovative Ways to Use Eyeshadow!

  1. Lol have no idea what your talking about but i like to read to see how your feeling!! Sounds like your doing great! Not to complain but videos are wicked cool (new england talk), but i imagine you have to hire models?? Thats why your a star and im just a happy guy in RI.

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