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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Quickest way to unwrinkle your clothes!

Happy “Make It Work” Monday my friends! Today I’m going to share with you a Loftiss family tip. Isn’t it so funny with family you think the entire world does the thing YOUR family does. Sometimes you go into the world and realize ‘oh that is just us?!!?’ One of these ‘things’ for me is getting wrinkles out of clothes.  I had to break up with the iron years ago. I ruined so many clothes because I had the iron too hot, was rushing and put a crease in the wrong place, ironed a fabric that shouldn’t be ironed. I have definitely melted a  few items in my life.  I have tried to put items in the shower using steam to loosen wrinkles,  hairdryer even spritzing water.

Finally my mom started using dryer sheets as our saving grace. Dryer sheets? Let me explain.


The secret to making dryer sheets unwrinkled clothes is to WET them!

1. Place the wrinkled item alone in the dryer

2. Wet 2 or 3 dryer sheets

3. Set the dryer on fluff or medium setting for 15 mins

VIOLA! You are ready to rock n roll!

I always throw a dress in the dryer while I finish my makeup and the time it’s ready to go my dress is flawless and ready to party. It seems too easy right? I promise you will save yourself so much time ironing if you switch over to this method. Try this trick this week and let me know what you think! Happy “Make It Work!”

xoxo, Loftiss


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