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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Victoria Secret Week!

Hello my lovelies!!!!!! Welcome to Victoria Secret Week on the blog. I wanted to share with you what to look out for this week. First and foremost we have a VS GIVEWAY!!!!!!



#1. Dream Angels Kiss Perfume- Pink petals, Crisp Mint Leaf and Osmanthus. YUM! $45

#2. Dream Angels Blush Perfume- Juicy Quince, White Water Lotus & Drenche Driftwood . GIMME! $45

#3. Pressed Mineral Powder -get a  sun-kissed glow (You know how I feel about bronzer!) $16

#4. Sheer Drama Hydrating Lipstick- Exclusive! With Shea and Cocoa Butter $14

#5.Glossy Lipstain- Goes on soooo smooth  $14

$6. Nail lacquer- This coral color is named “Addictive.” I’m addicted!!!! $10



To enter:

#1. Repost this blog on Facebook.( Extra points if you post the pix of the goodie bag above & post link with it.) Here’s the link:

*** Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Victoria Secret Week! ****

#2. In one sentence tell me how Victoria’s Secret (Victoria Secret Beauty) makes you feel?!?!?!

{*Disclaimer- Even if I know you personally try your hand at winning. I’m choosing the best answer to the question!*}


Next! I am invited to a VIP spa day with the Victoria Secret Angels themselves. Tomorrow I can going to be pampered while becoming besties with the angels in Santa Monica. I. am. so. pumped.


Check back on Thursday for my exclusive party details. Also on Thursday I’m posting a How- To- Video on how to fake flawless skin with tons of Victoria Secret makeup. Fun week ahead ya’ll.! Make sure you enter to win these goodies by reposting this blog and answering the question underneath. See you back Thursday for VIP party deets, How- To- Video and announcement  on who won the beauty products!!!!!!!

Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Victoria Secret Week!

Mwah! xoxo,Loftiss

13 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Victoria Secret Week!

  1. VS makes me feel that with a splash of color and a hint of a sexy scent, anything is possible! VS makes it work…Just like “Loftiss Says” on Mondays!

  2. VS makes me feel like a confident and beautiful mother of two. As a stay at home mom it doesn’t take much. The wonderful scents and amazing colors help to boost confidence and keep the spirit alive.

  3. VS makes me feel fresh-faced, pretty, and totally pampered. They’re the perfect, glamorous wake up in the morning, and are equally chic when I use them for my evening beauty routine. I especially love that VS products are affordable but make you feel just as luxurious as pricey beauty brands, so any lady can treat herself and feel gorgeous 🙂

  4. Victoria’s Secret makes me feel like a more powerful version of myself. When I wear or use their products, I feel sexy even if I’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. From perfume to lip gloss, Victoria’s Secret has something for every woman. Victoria’s Secret knows how to make a woman feel feminine without feeling like they’re trying too hard.

  5. VS Beauty is about accessible sexy. I love the luxurious products, delicious perfumes and fun makeup.

    Victoria Secret celebrates all women — our beauty, allure, sexiness and power. I appreciate and celebrate these qualities every day.

  6. VS makes me feel like a super star on an average girl’s budget. I can feel like I am getting the best products (which I am) at a lower and accessible price (which I still am!). VS allows for women to have that sexy feel and to be cheeky and fun. It doesn’t hold back a woman, it allows her to be exactly who she wants to be. VS has choices for all different body types and types of women, so that means that VS wants you to be the best you that you can be 🙂

  7. Victoria Secret products motivate me to get out of bed, put on my best bra and underwear combo, and take on the day. The new work-out line makes me feel like i look good when i’m working out to look even better. The bathing suites help me show off my success from wearing those work out clothes, and the make-up adds the finishing touches for my going out outfit that’s going to help me show of my new bronze from a day of fun in the sun. BASICALLY… i love VS

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