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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Mirror Mirror

As you know I moved across the country to California. It’s  been such a fun challenge to decorate and make our new furniture, artwork, decorations work from our east coast apartment to this new west coast apartment.

 I got rid of my old vanity before the move wanting to  find something perfect when I got to the new place. I put together 2 unmatching pieces that I found in Hollywood that looks adorable. The only think missing was a mirror. I decided to save some money  and transform one of the many mirrors in the house {that I didn’t know what to do with} and give it some personality! The brown mirror looked sad in my happy closet and I wanted it to pop. Grab a can of spray paint and here’s how “Make It Work” Monday appeared!

Listen I didn’t invent the wheel here people. But just like I do with everything on this blog- I want you to look at things in your life differently. What do you have in your life that needs a little TLC + DIY to make you happy?!?!?



Boringgggggggphoto 2

Lady and I getting ready for our project!


Spray Paint. Picked it up at good ole Home Depot.


Painters tape + grab some newspapers so you don’t make a mess!photo 1

I taped the inside of the mirror so the paint wouldn’t run the glass.
photo 2




Let me show you my happy place!


Everyone is different but I like to sit while applying makeup. Vanities are such an easy way to show your personality in your home AND keep your supplies organized. I chose this table obviously for the magical teal color. Plus it has drawers!!! I like to put away my products so there’s no clutter anywhere. *Note the box to the left of the vanity-  it’s full of false lashes!


Perfect yellow chair to compliment my green table and now orange mirror!

photo 5

I like to put my really fun jewelry on display. Crown brooch pin is vintagephoto-103

My fam! A picture of mama, sister and niece baby Clairephoto

My bracelet holder. The sparkly the better
photo 3

Some of my jewelry hanging for easy accessphoto 4

A cookie jar that my aunt made. She is an artist and she created these after me. “Emily”photo

AHHHH I love my closet. I really think it could be my favorite room in the house. photo 2

Has this got you thinking? How can you jazz up something with a simple coat of spray paint? Color can make anything go from dreary to cheery. Share with me!  I want to hear all about. Happy Monday ya’ll!

xoxo, Loftiss


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4 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Mirror Mirror

  1. Love the colors, so west coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From brown to Beautiful ORANGE, and by the way, I couldn’t help noticing that fabulous sculpture of you in your closet. Who is the artist? Do you know her and does she do commission work? Thanks agin for sharing your talent and great eye for fashion, I think I am going to go spray something California Orange!!!!!!!!

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