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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: AND THE CONTEST WINNER IS….

WHAT AN AWESOME WEEK!!!!! I truly had the best time reading all your answers for this giveaway. Some were thoughtful, insightful while others made me smile! I just had to share with you some of my big contenders who didn’t win but were very close in the running….


Regina Murphy:

        I love jewelry because it makes me HAPPY !!! It’s like lipstick and mascara – don’t leave home without it !!!


I love jewelry because choosing the right pieces can make me feel like I’m staying current and stylish no matter what my age. For me, stylish jewelry knows no age and I’m very thankful for that as I get older. I feel naked without my jewelry!!!!


I love jewelry because I love shiny things! With enough sparkle, I can feel like a princess even on the gloomiest day! Every girl need that one piece that glitters when the sun hits it just right! It can also be a weapon when used correctly by hitting your enemy in the eye with the reflected light! Talk about fashion as a weapon!

I love jewelry because no one ever said “that necklace makes your butt look huge!”

Kathleen Wager Hart

I love jewelry because it’s so expressive – of your taste, style, mood, etc. AND it can be a great conversation starter (I complimented a lady in the church parking lot on her earrings on Sunday, and turns out our kids are in the same preschool class – might not have spoken to her otherwise)!


                                     I love jewelry because it’s yummy without the calories!


           l love jewelry because it the perfect punctuation mark to the simplicity of classic style!


Bianca Vaccarini

Love Jewelry because it makes me feel rich. It makes my airy sundress have some weight to it. It makes my structured boring black suit standout against the other black suits in the office. It makes my jeans and tshirt look more Rachel Bilson than Honey Boo Boo.


Thank you ALL for taking part in my giveaway. This was such an epic success I will definitely do more!!! I think the next one will be makeup! Thanks again to Mimi’s Look for Less for being so generous! Make sure you all shop online and stop in if you are in Thomasville! Check in this week when I post a makeup how-to video. Happy Monday!

xoxo, Loftiss

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