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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: JEWELRY GIVEAWAY! $100 GIFT CURATED BY ME!”


Hello my darlings and Happy Happy Monday! I was discussing my undying love for my blog readers this week and decided it was high time to give you a present! As you know I’m a HUGE fan of shopping small businesses/ locally and thought I’d pull in one of my new favorite stores in my hometown. Mimi’s Look for Less is a charming store in downtown Thomasville full of fabulous jewelry for affordable prices. Since I’ll be down South this month working I thought I’d have a giveaway. Here’s the BEST part. Whoever wins this box of goodies will be able to tell me what type of style they have. After chatting I’ll handpick a box of delicious accessories JUST. FOR. YOU! You will get a box of goodies handpicked by a Style Expert! $100 worth of statement necklaces, rings & bracelets! Woooo hoo!!!!!


 There is really an incredible selection at Mimis. Check out a few pixs of what is in stock right now!







1. Subscribe to me on Facebook & Twitter {Duh}

2. Like Mimi’s Look for Less on Facebook & Twitter {Easy}

.3. Answer this question: “I love jewelry because_____” {Fun}

Answer in the comments below and BE CREATIVE!!!!! You can comment as many times as you wish.


*If chosen and you didn’t complete steps #1 & #2 a new winner will be chosen. If your twitter name is different from your name and difficult to find- leave it below so I can tell you YOU WON! If you do not have a twitter handle, mention below with comment (I understand and no you won’t be disqualified).  I will choose the winner solely on the answer to the question- nothing related to if I know you personally or not (pinky swear).


I can not WAIT to read your comments. Feel free to tweet, spread the word and comment as many times as you like! I’m thrilled to bring this awesome gift to you. Happy Commenting!

xoxo, Loftiss


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Mimi’s also does a $10 Special that is available online and in store every friday.  It is usually a very popular item regularly priced between $20 – $30.   It is marked down to $10 for the weekend.
Mimi’s mission is to put the fun back in shopping!! We strive to bring you fabulous, fun pieces for special occasions and everyday at very affordable prices.

60 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: JEWELRY GIVEAWAY! $100 GIFT CURATED BY ME!”

  1. I LOVE jewelry because….Jewelry COMPLETES my outfit! Jewelry to me is icing on the cupcake! Jewelry can be simply or over the top! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win because not only do I LOVE Mimi’s Look for Less but I LOVE jewelry and this blog of course 😉 🙂

  2. I love jewelry because it is timeless. No matter the age, the color, the size or shape you can find something to wear each piece with everyday. Old, new, pristine or just costume jewelry it doesn’t matter to me, every girl needs that perfect accessory to complement her in someway:)
    Happy Monday
    Jodi Roland @Roland2001

  3. I love jewelry because it makes me HAPPY !!! It’s like lipstick and mascara – don’t leave home without it !!! I’m not on twitter just Facebook. Have been a fan of Mimi’s for a while just sent you a friend request AND I’m sa middle GA girl !

  4. I love jewelry because choosing the right pieces can make me feel like I’m staying current and stylish no matter what my age. For me, stylish jewelry knows no age and I’m very thankful for that as I get older. I feel naked without my jewlelry!!!! I’ve liked you and Mimi’s on Facebook and Twitter— loooove your blog!!!

  5. I love jewelry because it adds sassiness and pizzazz to my otherwise mediocre wardrobe. I liked you and Mimi’s on FB, and I don’t have Twitter.

  6. I love jewelry because I love shiny things! With enough sparkle, I can feel like a princess even on the gloomiest day! Every girl need that one piece that glitters when the sun hits it just right! It can also be a weapon when used correctly by hitting your enemy in the eye with the reflected light! Talk about fashion as a weapon!

  7. I love jewelry because it’s for EVERYONE! Every person in the world can appreciate the beauty of jewelry. It’s not about how expensive or extravagant the piece is, it’s about how it makes you feel. I love that my personal favorites range from a $12 simple, gold necklace from Urban Outfitters to a priceless topaz ring passed down to me from my grandmother. Jewelry knows no gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, etc. It’s for everyone.

  8. Well i worked in jewerly most of my long old life (Monet Jewerly) if you have ever heard of it? I am entering for my best friend Jennifer who took care of my dad and saved his life. She made it the best 2 and a half years of his life!! Would be a nice way to thank her, although i do everyday. Plus i love following anything that Emily does. Met her in Providence when she was on tour with DRS and she has facinated me ever since. Many come through the theather that i work at but none have stuck in memory like her and Jen Rias. Im sorry if this is sopposed to be funny, but pa is in my mind right now and so is Jennifer!! Thanks for making me smile lots of days Emily when you had no idea that you did. Lol your the best and as i have told you many times, Your a STAR in my heart already!!! Be well left coaster xoxox

    P. S. New schedule is up at let me know which friends are coming in. Thanks again!

  9. I absolutely love Mimi’s! I’m all about shopping locally. My dream is to own a boutique one day! Fashion is everything to me, & well jewelry completes it. Every time I’m in Thomasville I have to stop in Mim’s. I would love to have this opportunity to help my look for my future!!

  10. I love jewelry because it can be what ties the perfect outfit together OR the inspiration for the perfect outfit. And yeah, I read your blog…

  11. Love Jewelry because it makes me feel rich. It makes my airy sundress have some weight to it. It makes my structured boring black suit standout against the other black suits in the office. It makes my jeans and tshirt look more Rachel Bilson than Honey Boo Boo.

  12. I love jewelry because each piece can hold a special meaning in your life. A color can strike a memory of someone or aomething you miss and love. A shape, a sparkle or shine…it could be a memory of your past, present, or future. I love Mimi’s! And I do not have twitter.

  13. I love jewelry because it can complete any outfit! You can change an entire outfit with accessory changes! Mimi’s has incredible jewelry and greater prices! Emily hook a girl and fellow tvilleian out;)

  14. I love jewelry because it’s so expressive – of your taste, style, mood, etc. AND it can be a great conversation starter (I complimented a lady in the church parking lot on her earrings on Sunday, and turns out our kids are in the same preschool class – might not have spoken to her otherwise)! I don’t do Twitter.

  15. Subscribed to both but I don’t Twitter;) I love jewelry because it allows you to change your look instantly! It’s pretty, girly, fun, and Mimi’s makes it incredibly affordable. Would be psyched to win!

  16. I LOVE jewerly because it adds individuality to any outfit …even the most common of outfits… and I love the sparkle !

  17. I love jewelry because if gives me the opportunity to pass it down to my children and they can pass it down to their children . It has meaning and allows me to give a little part of me to my family to remember me by.

  18. I Love Jewelry because it is a statement of who I am. Always changing and growing (and buying more jewelry helps my collection grow too!) It can accessorize a plain shirt and make it fun or turn a work day outfit into a statement! Loving Jewelry is easy and fun!

  19. I love jewelry because it can make any outfiit look better!!! It adds class and style!!! I would love to win this!!! Mimi’s has beautiful jewelry at very affordable prices. Pick Me!!!!

  20. I love jewelry for so many reasons. Jewelry is a great ice breaker which can lead to some really fantastic friendships and bonds! I’m currently in college, and every time I come home to Thomasville my mom and I look for the best bang for our buck when it comes to jewelry. We almost always wind up at Mimi’s! I love jewelry because I get to share it with others! Almost nothing makes me happier than when a friend comes to my room and asks to borrow a pair of earrings or a statement necklace. Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to really own your style and who you are! Many times it can even tell others who you are without saying a word! All in all, it’s simply a girl’s best friend.

    Twitter name: @krystalmarie02

  21. I love jewelry because it completes me (& my outfit)! 😉 Jewelry can be a statement or subtle addition to your style. Mimi’s has some amazing pieces at even more incredible prices! Love Mimi’s and Loftiss Says! You ladies are an inspiration to many!

  22. I love, love, love Mimi’s!!!! I love jewelry because you can take a really blah outfit and jazz it up. Nothing like a snappy statement necklace on a white tee with jeans to say “Hello, I am here and fabulous:! I got hooked on Mimi’s when they started doing trunk shows and am so glad they have a storefront…..I have learned a lot about using jewelry to add pizzaz. My best Christmas present was a gift card from Mimi’s!!!!

  23. I love jewelry because each and every piece is unique and has its own style!
    I add you as a friend on fb and liked Mimi look for less. 🙂 I do not have a twitter acct. :/

  24. I like jewlery because it sparkles and shines from the inside out!!! And it makes you feel happy, so then YOU will shine from the inside out!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I agree! Whatever your wearing makes you feel beautiful. Jewelry helps with confidence. If your sad and you have a piece of sparkly jewelry it makes you look like you feel good no matter how you really do feel.

  25. I like jewelry because even when I feel down or tired I can put something stylish and eye catching on and no one knows because it makes me feel better and look better.

  26. I don’t have twitter or Facebook. But, I love jewelry because you can have so many pieces to go with anything. You can mix and match. I don’t leave home without my jewelry!

  27. I love jewelry because no matter how conservatively I have to dress, I can add an offbeat piece of jewelry to jazz up the outfit, add interest, or, in the case of my antique costume jewelry, remind me of a relative who wore it back in the day.

  28. I love jewelry because it completes any type of outfit! I can have on nursing scrubs at work adorned with lovely earrings and receive compliments all day! If I’m at the gym with a pair of trendy studs in, I will feel cute and comfortable enough to make that supermarket dash post-workout! I love jewelry!! 💍

  29. I love jewelry because it describes you and your personality. It’s all about YOU! Whether its pearls or a statement necklace to a thin bangle or bling bling watch, it describes who you are as a person and compliments your style and outfit. It is the first thing people notice about my outfits is my jewelry. Jewelry is every girls best friend.

    Hope everything is going great out in Cali Em! I will becoming to LAX sometime this summer for the first time EEP!

  30. I love jewelry because it can complete any outfit perfectly, if you choose the right pieces. I’m in college and early morning classes can be such a bother. If I’m in a rush, I don’t have time to get all dolled up, but throw on a statement necklace or studs and the outfit just works it!

  31. I love jewerly because it can transform a very boring outfit into something amazing. I was not a big jewerly person but I have opened my eyes and love the fact you can wear a simple shirt and add a fabulous necklace and earrings and look amazing. I am a new mommy that stays busy and like to be comfortable but look great at the same time and with jewerly I can make that happen..this would be awesome to help build up my little jewerly collection!!!!

  32. I love jewelry because it is made to fit everyone!! I love jewelry because I can play with the different sizes and colors. I love how jewelry changes every season because it gives me a chance to explore a new me. I love how jewelry can give a boring outfit that little sizzle that it needs to make it mouth dropping gorgeous. Jewelry is like the icing on a cupcake, it just makes it tasty!:) With jewelry you can make such a statement without even saying a word!! That is why I LOVE jewelry! I do not have a twitter, but I do have you as a friend on Facebook.

  33. I like jewelry because not only can it make or change an outfit but it allows me to completely change from day to day who I feel like being. Grace Kelly one day, Hippie chic the next!

  34. I love jewelry because it add something personal, unique and special to every look! Plus I just love the way it makes me feel!!!

    My twitter name is Sara_avery

  35. I love jewelry because its a Southern thing- I feel naked without it, and in most cases my jewelry can make a bad day good.

  36. I love jewelry because no matter how bad you may feel or what kind of day you’ve had(or morning), once you put on those favorite pieces…. They put a smile to your face and there’s nothing better than a smile and some big coral or turquoise pieces 😉

  37. I love jewelry because you being a tshirt and jeans, dress it up with jewelry and it can look amazing! Its always about the little things that create the statement and pull an outfit together!

    Facebook on both! 🙂

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