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Loftiss Says “Make It Work” Monday: Valentine’s Gift Guide (for him)

Hi all! I hope everyone is off to a wonderous Monday morning. I had a blast tweeting about the Grammys last night (if you missed them- check my twitter/facebook feed).  I am thrilled to introduce you to my friend Alex. I met darling Alex this September when I was in Texas working with GameDay Cloth. He was one of my models for my stylish fashion show and I instantly fell in love with him. He is a southern gentleman, handsome as ever and a blogger. Done and done. I thought it made sense for him to inform you on what to get your beau for Valentine’s Day. Let me give it over to him…
Valentines is here again. Whether it’s married, dating or just that guy who hangs around and makes you’re heart flutter, I’ve got a simple gifting guide to help take that gent to dapper status. Here in my hometown of Dallas, we’ve got a fine mix of Southern charm and metropolitan style know-how and I know that with a little help this Valentine’s will be the best yet.

The Bow Tie

One of this years hottest trends has to be the wool bow tie. This simple addition to a guys work, play or formal get up can transform the outfit from drab to dapper. It’s a simple design or pop of color, that can take the normal choice of skinny or long tie to the next level of cool. There’s a certain Southern charm to be had from these modernized and fun twists to the classic tie. So go ahead and tie it with a bow. $15
Find you’re favorite color or combination at The Tie Bar. Prices are low and style is in check! CLICK HERE!
The BioLite Camp Stove
For the man who hunts, gathers, camps, charges and cooks: Meet BioLite. This clean energy and portable source of fire is the perfect companion for trekking outdoors. Using the foraged sticks and wood you find outsides, the BioLite Camp Stove build a fire hot enough to boil in minutes or roast s’mores with friends. Valentines will be the perfect time to heat things up with BioLite. While you light the stove, the USB input on the side of the stove charges your device back to full health. Cool, huh? $130 CLICK HERE!
He travels, He thrives in the outdoors, He Stinks
The answer for the man-on-the-go who has little time before a client meeting, date night or even just an after the gym shower is The Men’s Refueling Kit from Kiehls. It’s an easy way to say “This will take 2 minutes and make your face even more touchable” which is always a win-win. Kiehls is a brand that knows men rugged, clean shaven and in between. Their line of mens skincare and styling products is top tier without busting the budget. The kit I suggest taking the first baby step with includes a Body Scrub Soap, a subtle Energizing Moisturizer Treatment, easy to use Face Wash and a Foaming Multi-gel that will keep a mans face clean and clear. Plus it’s all travel size for those who’d rather keep their grooming secrets a secret. Another win with this purchase? you get to pick 8 sample sizes of any of their products. Win. $42 CLICK HERE!
Beer, Beer, Beer
He enjoys grabbing suds with his buds at the local watering hole, why not make it a game? The Beer Tasting Tool Kit takes sipping on hops to a whole other level. Whether you buy him a pack of his favorite brew or let him have guy’s night where you try new beers and guess which is which based on your ‘tasting notes’. Sure it’s a little more work than downing bottle after bottle, but it’s fun and the guys will appreciate that you are taking a mans love of beer into consideration on Cupid’s favorite day! $24.95 CLICK HERE!
Plaid is Rad
The work shirt that classes up the boardroom and plays hard, sleeves rolled up after leaving the office. One of my favorite shirts to have handy is the classic button down from Vineyard Vines. With their masculine yet styled looks, Vineyard Vines creates an easy way to close a business deal dayside and sip whiskey into the night with the boys club. Another great thing about this shirt? It’s plaid! This design is perfect for any occasion. Clean lines and color combos make a guy feel like a guy and keep an arm around their one and only. $98.50 (sale coming soon). CLICK HERE!
Alex Young is the mind behind the popular Dallas lifestyle blog, Eat Style Dallas. Born and raised in Texas, his blog serves as a guide to all things dapper and delicious. These days it’s hard to find a go-to guide for  how to be modern man in the South and Alex strives to help guys find their style niche. His love of food also comes intoplay when he dines with, interviews and reviews restaurants of the top chefsin the Lone Star State. Follow him on twitter, on Facebook and Vine  .
xoxo, Loftiss

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