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Loftiss says “Lipgloss, Contest, Guest Blog, NYFW oh my!”

Hi my beautiful friends. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! I have so many things to tell you I thought it would be best to make you a grocery list!First up BEAUTY!


1. I have been asked lately what is the new shad of lipsgloss I have been wearing lately. WOW! NOTHING GETS BY YA’LL!!!!  I’m so glad you noticed-t is CATTIVA . Read their tag line you’ll be obsessed….”Inspired by Italian romance, CATTIVA is a fashion forward, anti-aging line of cosmetics that is mineral based and highly pigmented to meet the needs of both makeup artists and the everyday woman. Antioxidant-rich formulas and rich, long-lasting colors are presented in crystal-studded compacts. CATTIVA’s couture line of cosmetics is enhanced with natural anti-aging ingredients and attitude. ”

They sent me their best selling product il primo bacio. It literally stayed on for hours and I was impressed at how the shine never faded. Here I am wearing their nude gloss.

Perfect for a night out


And a day out and about. (I’m literally just wearing the gloss)


 ANDDDDDD they have a Valentines’s Day CONTEST. Click here!!!!


#2. I asked my followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (ahem are you all following me?!?!?) what you wanted this next week. There’s so much going on with Fashion Week, Grammys, Valentines Days etc.. I wanted to do exactly what you wanted! I received a HUGE  response and wanted to share. On Monday I have a guest blogger who is going to give you “Make It Work” Monday: Shopping Guide for him- Valentine’s Edition!” Since he is a stylish man himself I thought this was perfect!!!!! Make sure you come back on Monday- everything Alex is sharing with you can be purchases BY Valentine’s Day. You’re Welcome 😉


#3. Next you choose that you wanted a “Hit and Misses of Fashion Week.” Ohhhhh NO problem there! I have already been making a master list of collections that have nailed it or failed it! It’s going to be an EPIC list!


#4. And you wanted a “Make It Work” Monday: How to do the trends of NYFW at home. ” Expect that on the Monday the 18th!


#5. And I received a few requests for “The Grammy’s Red Carpet Breakdown.”  I decided the best thing to do was to live-tweet all my fashion thoughts!


Sound good? Whew! Ok! Well I hope you are excited like I am! I will tweet with you on Sunday, Valentine’s Day Guide on Monday and NYFW in the coming week. Have a gorgeous weekend and know that I adore you all! xoxo, Loftiss

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