Loftiss says “My Top 12 BIGGEST Moments in 2012!”

Wow this year completely seemed to fly by. When I first started collecting my thoughts about this year I had a Top 10 list. I had some magical moments this year and had to pump it up to 12. This is my wonderful year in review- not in any order. Whooo hooo

1. I hit 300th posts on Loftiss Says!


#2. My “How to Fake a SunGoddess” video reached 1.4 million views on Huffington Post.

Collaboratively over 2 million on HuffPost, Stylelist, and AOL.


#3. My “Southern Living” Magazine feature. A CHILDHOOD DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!


#4. Covered another season of New York Fashion Week.


#5. “Make It Work Monday” was born! I am blown away with what a huge hit this has become.


#6. “Make It Work” Style Presentations all over the US. New York City, Texas and Georgia.


#7. I guest blogged for Birchbox– my favorite beauty company.


#8. Baby niece, Claire Marie, was born!


#9.  Hosted some really cool events. “100 Days out  of London” for the U.S. Olympics in Times Square. Filmed “Dancing with the Stars” Aftershow as a Dance Expert. Co-hosted “A Dance Upon a Dream” Dance competition.


#10. I was the spokesperson/host for the Old Navy National Tour! It was THE most fun job of my life. I even reunited with them in LA last month. #oldnavyforever


#11. Henri Bendel’s Style “It” Girl.

It all started with me hosting a cocktail event in Atlanta in April. Then I was honored to shoot the Fall campaign for HB. I still can’t believe this happened. I am absolutely and completely obsessed with Henri Bendel and so happy to spread the word about their incredible brand!


#12. I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!

May 31st still stands as the most exciting, magical, wonderful moment of my life!


So there you have it! I am so thankful for this blog because all of my special moments are captured forever. I am MOST  thankful for all of you. This wouldn’t be worth it if you weren’t invested in me, my life and my thoughts. I honestly can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to share my style and beauty tips and answer any questions you have. Please keep writing me and keep this door of communication open. I’M HERE FOR YOU! All questions and comments are welcome. Also, please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And keep reposting and sending friends this way.

I have some REALLLLLLLY exciting news to share on Thursday. Make sure you come back here and see what 2013 already has in store for me! Love you all and here’s to this new year friends. xoxo, Loftiss

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