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Loftiss says “Make it Work Monday”: My Magical Gift Guide!!!!”

I am the Queen of shopping for others. Nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect gift to express your love for my friends and family. I wanted to give you some creative ideas to spice up our gift giving ideas!


Pop Art

How cool is this? I think it would be precious to do a picture of yourself, you and bestie, boyfriend or even pet! Lady would look smashing in this portrait. Also great for an office!

Depending on the # of panels: $60-170

Picture 11

Backpack Picnic Set

I think this is the PERFECT couple gift. Great for any outdoor date. Includes: 2 acrylic glasses,2 plates,2 cotton napkins,2 stainless steel flatware sets, 1 corkscrew/bottle opener/knife,1 cutting board/cheese knife, 1 salt and pepper shakers set. $47


Movie Gift Certificate

I think gift certificates get a bad rap. So instead of getting one for a restaurant or clothing store- try the movies! What is better than going to a movie? Nothing I say, especially if you get buttered popcorn. I think this is a slam dunk!*

Great stocking stuffer! Any price you want!


Jewelry Tree

This is THE gift for any fashionista jewelry lover. Completely perfect for organizing and looking like a piece of art in your home. $119

Picture 10

1884 Collection

I met the owners of this incredible jewelry line and was blown away with this idea. All pieces have an Italian coin set in their jewelry from  necklaces, bracelets to rings. The most charming part of The 1884 Collection is when you receive this gift you go online and make a wish. A coin will be thrown into the Trevi Foundation in your honor for your wish. The gift is great for fashion and the soul. I have the grey bracelet and haven’t taken it off since I received it.  $200 and up.


The Art of Shaving

This is great for men. If you have a ” The Art of Shaving” location in your area I suggest purchasing the man in your life a straight razor shave. If you don’t have one in your town then pick up this kit. Contains: Pre-Shave Oil Pump (1 fl. oz.), Shaving Cream Pump (1.5 fl.) oz., Genuine Badger Shaving Brush, After-Shave Balm Pump (1 fl. oz.) $60


Personalized Beer Holster

I mean…this is perfect for about 55 people in my life. Personalized beer hosters- in cans and bottles. Buy it. Enjoy it.  $29



Personalized Photos

If you loveeeee pictures this is for you! You can get someone’s name (great for a baby gift) or a phrase. I’m deciding what I want….maybe “The Carlingtons.”$39

Picture 14

Picture 12

Iphone Photo Printer

We all know that we take 99% of our pictures on our iPhones. Here you can print them out and have ready for framing on the spot.  $160


So what do you think? Which gift is your favorite? Write me- I’d love to hear what is in your Santa’s sleigh. xoxo, Loftiss

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4 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make it Work Monday”: My Magical Gift Guide!!!!”

  1. Ok, the thigh beer holder? Genius! How ever did you find that? I am in love with the tree jewelry holder, & I think I’ll put the iPhone picture printer on my list for Santa!!!

  2. This is great!!! I may leave this page open on my computer so the bf sees that jewelry tree idea. Oh, wait- I’m still only thinking of gifts for myself. :p

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