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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Favorite DIY ideas!

Hi all! Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving?!?! It’s been a little crazy over at my house from moving to a new apartment in New York, packing up a storm, and several guest blogging assignments due- I have been BUSSSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I thought today for “Make it Work” Monday why not show you a few DIY bloggers that inspire me?!?!? All three of these bloggers are authors, write for major publications like Vogue, Cosmo and Glamour and have really chic ideas. I love supporting other creative people and think you will be amazed by these ideas too! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


When I was at New York Fashion Week I saw a girl wearing rings like these, we were waiting in line for Mara Hoffman and I wanted to ask her where she got them but didn’t – such a shame. In an effort to recreate her style I decided to craft some of my own!
diy chevron ringsfinal
You need:
– Thin gold wire (mine was 0.6mm)
– Wire cutters
– Round nose jewelry plyers
diy chevron rings 3
1. Cut a small length of wire.
diy chevron rings 5
2. Fold it in half.
diy chevron rings 6
3. Use the plyers to press it together to create a point.
diy chevron rings 7
4. Carefully open the wire.
diy chevron rings 8
5. Fold the wire around your finger.
diy chevron rings 9
6. Press down the front of the ring onto the table (this is important to get the shape right) and fold the wire together at the back.
diy chevron rings 10
7. Cut the wire shorter, but leave enough to twist the ends together.
diy chevron rings 11
8. Start to twist the ends together.
diy chevron rings 12
9. Finish the twist with the round nose plyers.
diy chevron rings 13
You ring should look like this! Now make some more to stack together to create the chevron shape, and wear them on lots of fingers!

diy chevron rings 1
Thanks to the girl who inspired me – whoever you are!
diy chevron rings 16
Loftiss says- “ummmmm I need this stat!”
From: A Pair and a Spare


I’m a sucker for jewelry storage that looks just as good as the pieces themselves, but I’ve struggled to find a system that I love. A little while ago I decided to make a jewelry holder that looks like a cake stand out of some porcelain plates and bowls I bought in a china store. I’ve seen cake stands used for jewelry storage before, but rather that buying one from Ikea I decided to make my own – and I loved being able to choose the patterns and combinations of porcelain myself. This is possibly one of the easiest projects you will have ever make, simply track down the porcelain, stack and glue together. Simple!

You need:
– Porcelaine. I used a big plate, a smaller plate and a saucer for the layers as well as two egg cups for the stands. You can also use tea cups or candle sticks as stands if you prefer.
– Super glue – A piece of cardboard – A toothpick or skewer

How to:
1. Start by putting some glue on the cardboard.

2. Using the skewer, generously paint the edge of the egg cup with the glue.
3. Turn the egg cup over so that the side with the glue is face down and carefully press into the middle of the biggest plate.

4. Put more glue along the edges of the top side of the egg cup.


5. Press the second biggest plate onto the egg cup.


6. Repeat the previous steps of applying glue to the bottom side of the egg cup and then press onto the second plate.

7. Add glue to the top of the egg cup as before, and then put the final small plate (or saucer) on top to complete the stack.
8. Leave to dry overnight before you deck it out in your precious jewels! And remember to always lift the stand from the bottom, the glue should keep it together but to be on the safe side be delicate with it.
How do I arrange my stand? I put my rings and watch on the top, my bracelets in the second tier and necklaces on the bottom level. What have I got in my stand at the moment you ask? Amongst other things my Coach watch, some DIY gold rings, oversized roman luxe earrings, a hook wrap bracelet and my new Sophie Monet wooden necklace.
Loftiss says- “I’m 100% doing this! It looks so elegant!!!!”



Some of you will gasp at the thought of sticking gemstones to your sacred mac, but have you ever calculated how much time you spend on the computer everyday? Why shouldn’t it be something you love to look at? Those Dell computers that every office has are just dying to get a makeover – perhaps a little Miu Miu inspired glitter action (so last season but still so relevant!). A great way to subtly tell your office you’re losing interest in accounting, and that they can start looking for someone else. It’s always best to get in there first right?
Loftiss says- “I think this is MAGICAL!!!!!!! At the perfect office- why not??!?!SIGN ME UP! “


diy nine west caviar tipped heels 8
You need:
– A pair of pumps (these Nine West ones are the perfect shape)
– Seed beads in the color of your choice, I used a silvery black.
– Super glue like E6000
– A sponge brush
– Spray on gloss sealant (in the spraypaint section of your hardware store)
– Masking or other tape
diy nine west caviar tipped heels 1
How to:
1. Start by taping off the front of the heels to create a cap toe. Then put some glue on the front of the shoe.
diy nine west caviar tipped heels 2
2. Use the sponge brush to spread the blue all over the front of the cap toe.
diy nine west caviar tipped heels 3
3. Sprinkle the seed beads over the glue. One it is covered, sprinkle more and then use your fingers to press the beads into the glue firmly so the cap toe is completely covered in beads and you can no longer see the leather.
diy nine west caviar tipped heels 5

4. Once the glue has set a bit, carefully peel the tape back. Carefully then press more beads ionto the edge of the glue so the cap toe has a strong straight line of beads along the edge.

diy nine west caviar tipped heels 7

5. Let the beads dry overnight and then spray with gloss sealant to minimise any beads coming loose with wear.

diy nine west caviar tipped heels 9
Loftiss says-” beyond fabulous!”
From: P.S.- I made this…
Loftiss says “WERK!”
Loftiss says “This is major. I would need help on this but definitely worth the trouble. SPIKES!!!!”

Loftiss says “This is perfect for holiday parties and weddings. Brides you could TOTALLY make this for you or your bridesmaids. Money Saver!!!!!”


From: I Spy DIY

[My DIY] Stitched Coach Dufflle

Fashion Week is officially upon us and I could not be more excited for Fashion’s Night Out tonight!!! I am going to be hosting at the Coach store with a ridiculously crafty crew, A Pair and A Spare, Beckerman Bite Plate and Because I’m  Addicted (obsessed with each and every one of these girls) with guest DJ Solange Knowles! We each DIYed our own Coach duffle, and I opted for a little stitching on the front pocket, and switched the strap and tassel with a white one from their duffle kit! Check out all the color combos and how each girl personalized their bag here!  And see you at the Madison Ave Coach store from 6-8!
Nylon thread
Heavy duty needle
1. Using a pencil make dots where you would like each stitch to go.
2. Next using your needle and thimble make a hole at each mark
3. Do a running stitch through each hole, then double back-stitch to fill in the gaps
4. Once you have completed you vertical lines, mark holes for your diagonal lines and stitch
Loftiss says “Details are everything. This bag goes from being ho-hum to a showstopper. So impressed!”
What did you think of these DIY projects? Will you try any of them? As always if you have a “Make It Work” idea, please send my way! Happy Monday and see you later this week! xoxo, Loftiss

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