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Loftiss says “review for GO SMILE Double Action Whitening System”

Since I am an avid Diet Coke drinker and I am always on- camera, teeth whitening is part of my everyday life. I am always trying different products to see what will work best. I have done everything from whitening toothpaste, brushing with baking soda, zoom to whitening strips. I was gifted this GO SMILE Whitening system and was pumped to see if this thing would actually work!

Who can use it? Anyone! If you have lightly stained teeth or need to make a major impact on years of staining (hellooooo diet coke!)

Why is it different? This system utilizes two formulas. Together, they penetrate into teeth to lighten even the darkest stains. And it uses pure hydrogen peroxide, without acidifiers.

Where can I use this? ANYWHERE!!!! The capsules can be used anytime, anywhere. There’s nothing to remove from your mouth–no strips or trays. And in a clinical study, virtually no tooth or gum sensitivity was detected. This is HUGE for me because every time I whiten my teeth are soooooo sensitive and sore I have to drink out of straws for 3 days.  Who have time for that!

Price $89 for a 12 day system.

 I 100% believe in this product. I think everyone should ask Santa for this and put on your Christmas wish list. What a better way to start off the New Year than with a gorgeous smile?

Will you try this product? Let me know!

xoxo, Loftiss

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