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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: How to make a shrunken dress WORK!

My adorable neighbor, Amanda Marie Fron, came up to me this week saying she had the perfect “Make It Work” project.  She bought a dress for her vacation to Aruba and when she washed it the first time it had shrunk several sizes. Bummer! We’ll we’ve all done it. You throw a bunch of clothes in the wash and when you go through your dried clothes you’ve realized your beloved dress has shrunk! NOOOOOOOOOO! WHY GOD WHY?!?!?!?  Instead of trashing it, giving it to a friend/little sister learn a few tips to save your garment.I traveled two doors down to her apartment and put together 8 ways to rock this shrunken dress!!!!

Let’s get started!

BELTED. Jeans +Flats

ADD BLAZER. Jeans + Booties+ statement necklaces

SHORTS. Tuck in “dress” + boots+ crossbody bag. (also cute with tights)

LAYERING. Added creme fringe top over “dress”+ long necklaces

LEGGINGS. Belted +Flats+Bow Headpiece

WEAR AS TUNIC. Add a Motorcycle jacket + Tall Boots

HIGH WAISTED SKIRT. Layered necklace+Belt+Heels

SWIMSUIT COVERUP. Big Hat + Sunnies + Flip Flops

Which look is your favorite?!!?? Will you use these tips next time?

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 xoxo, Loftiss

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