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Loftiss says “Thomasville Scene Magazine: Jazzing Up Your Wardrobe!”

As we all know I am a proud Southern Belle who LOVES her hometown Thomasville, Georgia. I am always finding ways to show my support to Thomasville.  By having style presentations, teaching at the dance studios, working on the communities charities to shopping and eating locally -I love this town! I was thrilled when asked to write a style article for the Thomasville Scene Magazine. I was told I had full range to discuss whatever I wished. So naturally I went for my love of leopard!  “To me leopard can make an outfit from blah to fab, calm to edgy, to traditional to fashion forward.” I hope you enjoy these tips, pixs  and learn a few more ways to incorporate leopard into your daily life.



It’s that time again when you switch out your summer  wardrobe into your Fall/Winter wardrobe. I always get slightly depressed when I have completed my closet transformation and see all the dark colors staring back at me. That is why I try my best to have bright, happy accessories to fill my heart and wardrobe with joy. This season I am completely obsessed with leopard. To me, leopard can make an outfit from blah to fab, calm to edgy, traditional to fashion forward. Here are a few items to jazz up your life!



If you are running all over town, do it in style! From lunch date to gym date to date night you have everything in one place.



 This bag is so easy to throw on and have your essentials. Phone. Wallet. Lipstick. Done!



Sleek. Simple. Sophisticated. Great for weddings and holiday parties.



Layering bracelets is the “in” thing to do. Mix all metals and patterns and have a party on your arm!



People always compliment earrings because they are looking at your face- eyeline to your feisty earrings.



Instead of the normal silver, gold or leather watch why not go for a leopard pattern?



Having a phone case will instantly bring you happiness. You use your phone constantly so why not have it as adorable as you?



I LOVE scarves. There are a million different ways to wear a scarf. From casual to fancy, a leopard scarf (especially cat eye sunnies) bring instant pizazz!



If I feel like my outfit just isn’t popping with personally, I tie a scarf on my purse. It takes 2 seconds and sometimes its the finishing touch to make my look shine!



A killer pair of heels can steal the show! Instead of the boring black pair go leopard.



Excellent way to punch up the volume. 



This is if you want to make a statement! I say why not?!?! 


I was fortunate to be chosen as Henri Bendel’s  “It Girl” for their Fall Style Guide. Check out all the leopard they are selling. I told you this was in. After you have added a touch of glamour into your wardrobe, think about adding some red nails and red lipstick to take your look to the next level. As always remember fashion is supposed to be fun. Experiment!  Happy Styling and remember, why be play it safe when you can make a statement! 




What did you think? I’d love to hear! Pick up the October/November issue of Thomasville Scene Magazine. (Look my name is on the cover!!!) My article is pages 36 and 37.

xoxo, Loftiss

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