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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Gel Manicures at home

Everyone that follows me on Twitter knows I bought myself a gel manicure kit for my birthday back in August. I wanted to try at least 10x times before giving my review. After getting engaged my nails have jumped on my priority list from “Ohhhh I would like to get my nails done soon….I should to put that put that on my calendar” to “NECESSITY!!!!

Here’s the Loftiss Says breakdown:


No drying!

You can do it at anytime and not have to wait for your turn at the salon.

You can watch tv, talk on the phone or sit in your pjs while doing your nails.

You can travel with your kit.

Your nails look fabulous and last longer than regular manicures.


You don’t have an expert cutting your cuticles.

If you aren’t paying attention you will get the setting polish on your skin and it BURNS!!!!!!!

The polish costs $10 instead of regular polish costing $5.

The gel mani’s at the salon last 2 wks. The longest I’ve gone is 9 days 

Final Assessment:

It cost $40 to get gels in NYC and usually $30-35 everywhere else. My Red Carpet Kit from Ulta was $80. (There is one for $60 but I went for the surround LED lights than just lights above).

It  is cost efficient to buy a gel manicure machine if you are a nail fanatic. If you want to look your best while saving money- this is your ticket friends!

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xoxo, Loftiss

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