Make It Work

Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Revamping the colored dress

HELLO FROM LOS ANGELES!!!!! As many of you know I’m on the West Coast having entertainment meetings. I’ve had an incredible time this weekend seeing my girl Christina Perri perform with Jason Mraz at the Hollywood Bowl and visit with some friends. But starting today  it’s alllll work! This week for “Make It Work” I’ve had this dress in my closet since July. While on tour with Old Navy, I went to an outlet mall with my mom in Georiga. I went into Kasper (which I haven’t worn since the pageant days for interview) and I was saw a few cute dresses that I could totally work with.


Here’s my purchase. My eye went to this dress for the  bright colors. The fabric was very light and I thought it would be beautiful to wear for evening events in Fall/Winter. 

The price: Originally it was $100 and it marked down to $60. For this weekend only it was on the Half Off Rack. $30?? Let’s do this!

Here I am at my Alterations Lady, Claudia’s, office. I didn’t like the placement of the neck. I felt it hit at an awkward place. It’s hard to see but there is soooo much fabric with the butterfly wings that it was necessary to cut out some fabric.  The wrap belt in the same fabric made me feel bulky and it was lost with all the colors.

The back of the dress didn’t make sense to me.  It had the perfect outline to be cut out ! I wanted the back of the dress to mimic the front. This would be an easy fix.

Here is my after look!!!!! I am sooo happy with it. I scooped the neck out giving the neck more breath. Now the butterfly wings were fuller and looked as effortless as it felt.

Cutting out the back of the dress made ALL the difference in the world. Look how much better!!! It brought instant elegance to this dress.

I removed the fabric belt and added an orange skinny belt. It cinches the waist and pulls in the exact same color from the dress.

The Details:

Dress: $30 on sale rack

Alterations: $20

Belt: Already in closet

Final Price: $50 for a costume made dress!!!!!!


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