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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: How to throw a great party + my Neon Party pixs!”

My name and party planning go hand in hand. I sometimes I think I should have gone into it for a career! I’m here today for our weekly “Make It Work” Monday to share with you how to throw amazing parties!

#1. PREPARE!!!!

Everything in life is better when you prepare. Pick the place & date as soon as possible so you can focus on the fun stuff! Also the sooner you get the word out…the happier you’ll be. Send a save the date, mass text to Facebook invite- just let the people know when to expect the festivites.

#2.  Food & Drinks

People have a better time when they can have a fruity drink or nibble on some party food. I’m not saying you must have every party catered but having some munchies is always a good way to have people mingle and chat. *Also good if you are serving alcohol to make sure folks don’t get too wasted 😉

#3. Photographer

It’s just SOOOOO much easier to have someone designated as the photographer. I personally like to hire someone so I don’t have to think about it. If that’s not in the budget no worries! Just ask a friend to please document the night so you can look back at your wonderful night and have pictures of all the fun moments with all your favorite friends!

#4. Themes

People like to dress up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Kentucky Derby party and you throw on a major hat or an 80s Prom where you pull out your hair gel and puffy dresses. People like a reason to get in the mood to party. Every once in a while throw in a theme and you’ll be amazed at how excited the crowd gets!

#5. Music

MUSIC IS KEY!!!! Jay, my fiance’, likes to be in charge of this category. He always makes a 2/3  hr long playlist that can be repeated throughout the night. It sets the mood and gets people singing and dancing when an awesome song comes on. For my Old Hollywood Glamour he made an incredible mix with Frank Sinatra to Glenn Miller Band . And for 80s Showcase Showdown we had Culture Club to Madonna to Bon Jovi. Designate a DJ if you aren’t interested.

#6. Activities

Again people like a reason to move around. I love including activities at a party from bowling, to skating, to scavenger hunt to games. We all want a reason to play!!!

#8. Make people feel welcomed

Yes it’s your party but it’s your responsibility to make people feel welcomed to be there. I have sooo many friends in so many circles so it’s up to me to introduce and make connections. Explain how they have friends in common, how they both love college football to  being theater fanatics. Just include so no one feels uncomfortable.

#9. HAVE FUN!!!!

No one likes a stressed host! You did your work. You planned well now time to visit with all your friends and enjoy the evening.

Now let me share with you MY Neon Birthday Bash. It was the end of summer so neon was called for!!! There were too many goods one so I posted alot- ENJOY!




Thank you to Frames Bowling and Dirty Sugar Photography. We had an absolute ball!!!! Did you learn learn any new party tips?  
xoxo, Loftiss


outtake: The wall hitting me

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