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Loftiss says “I answer your Fashion Questions + my Emmy thoughts!”

Question! How do you wear colored jeans?!?!

I am the biggest fan of colored jeans mostly because I try not to wear a lot of black. Now that bright jeans are an option (you can buy them everywhere from Old Navy to Bloomies) my Fall and Winter will be so much happier! You can wear this trend year round but in the winter you can pile on the goodies! I love colored skinny jeans paired with a loose shirt, blazer and a scarf. There are a million ways to make this look chic and not like you are heading to high school calculus. Make sure your accessories are mature ie chains, hammered metals, studs. You don’t need a statement necklace with these….these ARE the statement!

Miss Loftiss! What are the rules for pairing prints with prints?

Now this is a difficult trend to do. It is really trial and error. If you stand back from the mirror and don’t know what to look at… you probably went too far. It should have a focus. Very streamline. Example: no poka dots and stripes. But you can totally do vertical striped pants with horizontal blazer. *Hint- Take a pix of your self and ponder “If I saw someone walking down the street in this- would I think WERK or WEIRD!?”

 Pairing black  and brown shoes or vice versa. It was a no no for so long and now it seems accepted?

I came from the school that you NEVER wear these colors together. THEY ARE ENEMIES! I love that this has loosened up and it’s totally cool to pair together. Remember one must be the primary and the other must be the hint. You can’t have both. Always decide what the focus is and then add the opposite for a bit of flair. I think it’s worn best together for a casual look.

Hey Emily! I have a fashion question. Will you do a blog about essential pieces for a wardrobe? Like transitional, wear numerous times in different ways, types of clothing items and accessories. Because I feel like if I go to an event like a wedding or show and wear something and take pictures in it, I can’t ever wear it again because people will think I don’t have an expansive wardrobe or just rely on certain dresses, etc. Thanks!! 🙂 

Girl this is the story of my life! I am always going to events and need a new look but can’t always buy new clothes. Here is what I do. You can totally repeat outfits. The magic behind it is switching up all the variables. Example: you have a navy blue shift dress.

For occasion #1. Wear with an multi-colored statement necklace, tan pumps, hair in a french twist and orange lipstick.

For occasion #2. Same navy dress paired with a lime green belt, brown boots, long gold necklaces, and hair wavy and down. See?

*Great things to have in your closet:  A  silk button down, 2 or 3 statement necklaces, a go to blazer, jeggings that you can dress up or down, bright-colored/patterned scarves, something leather (skirt, pants, jacket). It’s all about wearability. What you can wear numerous times and hopefully for many seasons.

I’m in love with the color yellow but not sure if I can pull it off. HELP!!!!

Well you are right on trend with the ladies at the Emmys!!!! I LOVE YELLOW! It’s so whimsical and fresh. Again adding pops of yellow is way easier than pulling off an entire yellow gown. Remember this color is a lot so take that into consideration with the rest of your outfit. If you want the focal point to be the yellow moments, then tone down everything else. I really like the color brown as an accent and wool as a texture to try.

I’ve been meaning to ask…what is the appropriate skirt length for a female- early 30’s? 

Here’s the breakdown:


HELLLLLLL NOOOOOO. We are not in a music video!!!!!Mini:

Can be done but ONLY if everything else is very covered up.

Knee Length:

Perfect for work and play. Very chic. Beautiful on all shapes. I love the pencil skirt!


Also known as “Tea Length.” A hard length to try. Must be fitted or you look like you walked out of “Little House on the Prairie.” Also adorable for an evening event.


Love! So in! So flattering. Must have!

Emily, what is your must have piece of clothing for Fall/Winter.

Well I know you said one but I’ll give you my two 😉

#1. A fab pair of riding boots

#2. A statement jacket

Doesn’t matter what the jacket looks like. But the second you walk in the room everyone’s eye goes to you!

Who were your Best and Worst Dressed for the Emmys?!?!!

Oh my favorite! Ya’ll know I love a Red Carpet Breakdown!!! Here are mine.


Jennifer Goodwin-Monique Llhuillier

STUNNING! Fitted beautifully. Old Hollywood Glamour at it’s best!

Nicole Kidman- Antonio Berardi 

Thank you Nicole! Happy to have you back on the Best Dressed List!

Kat Dennings

First off loving her Ox Blood gown but for me look at her hair and makeup. PERFECTION!!!! Bold red lip and effortless hair with an elegant hair piece- breathtaking.

Padma lakshmi- Monique Llhuillier

This is daring for Padma. This drop waist is beautiful on her shape. And this orange with her skin color… WOW!

Lena Dunham-Prada

Ok. You are only 26 yrs old, why do you look like you are 46. This doesn’t flatter your body at all.

Christina Hendricks-Christina Sirano

I am usually a huge fan of Christina but this didn’t work for me. The belt makes you look thicker than you are. And the color of the dress is too close to your skin color.


Sofia Vergara- Zuhair Muhard

Others will disagree with me BUT the straps to this dress need to be taken up 2 inches on each side. Her breasts would be lifted and not saggy then. I live for Sofia and I really like this dress but a few stiches would have made this dress a home run!

Hayden Panettiere- Marchesa

This WAYYYYY to much dress for her tiny little shape. All I look at is bright blue chiffon and not at her pretty face. This dress would work on Iman or a Victoria Secret Model who is 5’11.

What were your thoughts on my fashion questions. Did you agree with me about the Emmy dresses? Write me! I’d love to hear. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Fbook and Instagram!

mwah xoxo, Loftiss

4 thoughts on “Loftiss says “I answer your Fashion Questions + my Emmy thoughts!”

  1. Thank you for the colored jeans tip!!! Agree with your comments on Christina Hendricks’ dress, no belt + better color and she would have looked smokin’! Annnnnd let’s be honest here, micro skirts should never have been invented…

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