Make It Work

Loftiss says “Make It Work”: $14.99 silk blouse!”

If you have been keeping up with trends you have seen the silk button down blouse is EVERYWHERE! I saw it every store during FNO, yesterday at C Wonder, J Crew and Ann Taylor. I am constantly on the lookout for these things:

#1. Pieces that are in trend (statement)

#2. Pieces that are classic (staples)

#3. Pieces that look great on camera

#4. Pieces that are wearable and can be worn different ways.

Well I hit the jackpot when I found this blouse at TJ MAXX a few weeks back. Cream colored sheer shirt. YES! Check it out!

I instantly had to have it and didn’t even try it on. I knew I could wear this blouse for a a causal day or dressed up for an event. Here I am yesterday hitting beautiful NYC with my friend Stacey before brunch and visting my friends at the Broadway Cares Flee Market.

I paired the sheer top with a black bra, coral pants, leopard flats, an art deco necklace, bracelets and aviators.

I LOVE the lace detail in the back. It looks like romantic and chic.

I purposely decided to keep the black tag at the top showing. I find it interesting with the black bra. When I wear this shirt again with a lace pink bra, I’ll tuck the tie. 

Look at these gorgeous buttons. When buying an item ALWAYS look for details. Details = Quality

For a nighttime look- I’m going to partner the blouse  with a black leather skirt tucked in, black heels,  updo and dark red lipstick.


Silk Blouse that is TOTALLY on trend. Found at magical TJ MAXX.

Original price: $60

Sale price: $14.99!!!!!!!

 #I’maMaxxinstaya’ll! Hope you loved this post! Send me your Fashion/Beauty Questions- Answering THIS week!

xoxo, Loftiss


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