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Loftiss says “I’m a Henri Bendel “It Girl” for their Fall Style Guide!!!!”

I have kept this secret since July!!!!!! I was asked to be an Ambassador for Henri Bendel and shoot their Fall campaign in Atlanta. We all know I’m a Georgia girl and I was beyond honored to be picked as their Style Expert!!!!!! In the middle of my crazy Old Navy tour I popped into town and shot 7 locations in 6 hours! With the help of my friend Brooke Fritz, Mama Loftiss and Graham Yelton (the incredible photographer & 1/2 of Bound_by) we made magic happen. Check out the editorial spread!!!!



I knew Henri Bendel couldn’t use all the images/locations but wanted to show my readers everything! I chose every location, wrote a blurb on each place, styled myself (plus hair + makeup)  and was accessorized with all goodies HB sent me. They categorized me as the Jet Setter. Wellll isn’t that the truth! Even with 110* weather and me running around in winter wear we had a blast!!!!! Check out the rest of the locations and pics!!!!!


Henri Bendel Lenox:

Let’s be honest.. .  I find something that I can’t live without every time I visit! From the stunning jewelry, to the bags in HB signature brown and white stripes, you will find your next favorite piece to wear here! I had the best time hosting an event there in April.


A tiny little shop filled with the most delicious Smoothies,Parfaits, Frozen Yogurt and Speciality Teas/Coffees. It’s the perfect place to dip inside for a little no guilt treat. And when you leave the always say “Have a Postitve Day.” You know what? I sure will!

ps that’s Brooke in the picture!


When you are a Bendel girl, this is THE place to hit. This nail and beauty bar is so charming from the crystal chandelier, the mirror-flecked nail bar, the funky mirrored furniture to the custom pedicure thrones. Relax and enjoy your next mani and pedi here!

ps That’s my mama holding my hand 🙂 All the manicurists were busy!!!!

Just happened to walk by the Atlanta Fish Market. Photo Op!!!!

Little Five Points:

To fill up my artist heart I love visiting this area. This bohemian community is surrounded by independent theaters, vibrant musicians, charming vintage stores and vinyl records stores. Unlike anywhere in the country.

The Fox:

 As a former professional dancer I’ve danced in almost every large theater in the United States but none are like the Fox. This theater, that opened in 1929, has an Egyptian interior, with a night sky canopy and an oldpipe organ. The Fox is an experience in itself. I’ve seen everything from”TheNutcracker,”  to “Wicked”  to “The Indigo Girls.”  A must see!

The Varsity:

The World’s Largest Drive-In Restaurant. Leave your diet at the door ya’ll! I always pick up a heavy dog, fries and an Orange Frosted Shake! TRUST ME!

Two Urban Licks: 

A must for an out of towner. The open kitchen keeps the energy high in this gorgeous high-end grill. I like to enjoy a Blood Orange Cocktail while watching the cooks strut their stuff!

I hope I made you proud Atlanta!!!!! I am sooooo happy with this experience! Please do me a favor and  tweet/fbook Henri Bendel and say how much you love my section. I greatly appreciate it! And of course share with all of your friends on all the social media sights!!!!! Here’s what appeared in my inbox today. This is on the Newsletter/Website/Pinterest. EEEEEEE!!!!!! Just floating! So honored to be a part of this Style Guide.

THE LINK FOR ALL FOUR CITIES: HERE Love you ya’ll !! xoxox, Loftiss

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