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Loftiss says “Make It Work”Monday: Sports Edition!

Well I made it through Fashion week just in case anyone wondered!!!! {If you want to see my Fashion Week in review post check here}. Well two weeks ago I was in Dallas in town for the Alabama vs Michigan game. I joined forces with my darling friend Jana to have a College Kick- Off party!!!! We had the best time putting this event together which even included an outdoor Fashion Show. I was so excited about styling this presentation because I truly believe there is an art in dressing casually. Using clothing from Gameday Cloth and Ella Bleu I had a blast styling our models. Let me show you how I put these looks together and hopefully this will give you a few ideas of how to pick your next game day outfit. Pluse check out the great video underneath to see the event come to life!


Terri (on left):

Using a Bama red shirt, added a striped infinity scarf, white shorts and cowboy boots. The scarf was a nod to houndstooth. I wanted her to look fresh, sassy and effortless! Mission accomplished!

Andrea (center):

A TX bull shirt, added brick colored jeans, wedges, and she carried a tab leather jacket and green purse. Last but not least I flipped her hair into a top knot and added turquoise earrings for a pop of color! Chic!

Julie (left):

I LOVE this colorful outfit. Hot orange jeans were the perfect choice for the TX Rangers shirt. Tied a denim shirt on either side, tan wedges and a bright yellow ball cap. None of these colors went together and that is why it went together PERFECTLY!

My little dynamite Carly Patterson,an Olympic Gold Medalist:

Orange Texas Tshirt, added aztec woven shorts, an electric blue cross body bag and scarf I made into a headband. For something unexpected I paired her high brown boots with tall fuzzy socks. This would also be adorable with galoshes and a hoodie!

Yep! I had guys in our show! Gotta love a guy in a t-shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops. Add a great pair of sunglasses and you are ready to go!


This outfit ROCKS!!!! A purple bandu under a racer tank, black and white striped jeans, orange wedges and a teal tote. Last but not least I made a cool necklace into a headpiece. (See that tutorial here).

A group shot! Notice Alex in his adorable red checkered button down with rolled up sleeves for laid back cool. And check out Aarioles in her sassy MTV shirt, cobalt blue blazer, coral pants with leather boots and bag!

Lookin good ya’ll!

The entire crew! Huge thanks to Jana and Melissa for all of your help!



So you are probably wondering what in the world did I wear to the game. Well it was over 100* so colored jeans was out!!!!!! I went for a striped red shirt (I bought at Ella Bleau), paired with a pair of white shorts and gold boat shoes. For extra flair I added my houndstooth cap, big hoop earrings and red lipstick!

Here we are at the game at Cowboy Stadium! ROLL TIDE!!!!

Outtakes from the party!

I love my Josh! Rocking the McRib shirt and his muscles!

Giving out best Tebow/Heisman/ridiculous poses!

I hope this gave you some ideas for you and your closet! And always feel free to send me fashion and beauty questions.


Love you all! xoxo, Loftiss

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