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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: How to rock scarves!!! + my Daisy G photo shoot!

I was raised on scarves. My mother has every color, style, fabric, brand, length imaginable. For every occasion she was ready! Fourth of July- don’t worry Mama Loftiss had a red, white and blue scarf with sequined stars. So I have grown up having a penchant for scarves. This summer I was asked to model for Daisy G to debut their newest collection of scarves. All of her scarves are handpainted! The day of the shoot I spoke endlessly about how much I adore scarves and feel like they have a bad wrap (pun intended) for young people. There are soooo many ways to rock a scarf effortless and fabulously.

All the professional pixs are taken by Bound_By (dear buddies of mine from sorority days!!!!). Don’t worry you’ll hear more about them very soon 😉 Let me introduce you to a few ways to rock a scarf! Let’s get started!!!!!!!!!


Around your neck- Long ways!

Around your neck- short and cute!

*Check out my stand in husband!

Like a headband!

Note the sign…that’s right!

Look I styled my model, Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Patterson ,in one in my “Make It Work” Texas presentation!

Like a belt!

In your pocket!!!!

Wore mine at New York Fashion Week yesterday! 

On the wrist!!!!

For your purse!!!!

As a turban!!!!

The pups are digging my turban!

Here’s the incredible designer Daisy who created ALLLLL the scarves in this post! Make sure you check out her site: Daisy G and start loving the scarf trend yourself!!!!! *Fashion Hint- painted fabric is a huge trend on Fashion Week! Love to the models: Katie and Simone, Fab makeup artist Dominique, incredible photographers Amelia and Graham (+magical helper Darri) of Bound_by and of course Daisy.

Just a few more pixs that I just LOVED for fun!!!! 😉

Will you be rocking this look? TELL ME! TELL ME!!! xoxo, Loftiss

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