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Loftiss says “VMA Fashion!!!!’

Ahhhh finally an Awards Show! I feel like it’s been forever!!!!! Even though I headed out for Fashion Night Out I still made it home to put together this little blog for you. Let’s get started!!!!


A white pants suit= pure perfection. It’s almost impossible to ruin this look. It is classic and sophisticated.


Yes the VMAs are supposed to be ridiculous where you can pull out your fun and flirty clothes butttttt this looks like a prostitute on Halloween at a Rocky Horror Movie. Awful just awful.



I MEAN….WOWWWWW!!!!!! Just fresh and completely breathtaking. She looks like a walking Covergirl ad.


Girlfriend I am a MAJOR fan of you but this dress is TOOO TIGHT NELLY! I know what you were going for but it just didn’t come through. Pink is shaped like me meaning we don’t have a waist. We can’t wear dresses this skin tight because it will make you look chunky. (and she is definitely not! ) Just definitely not her dress.


I like this dress. It’s quirky and young. I would have styled her with a bouncy ponytail, headband and some orange wedges!


This isn’t working for me. I’d like the slip underneath to be length of the dress or at least longer. This dress as a halter would have been more flattering.


I just love these girls. Everyone looks age appropriate and like beautiful teenagers. 10 for all of you!

Both of these looks are 90’s pageant dresses gone bad. Yikes. Fire your stylists.


Come on! How can you hate them? They are adorable. I appreciate they always dress nicely and for each occasion. Nothing makes me more angry than when celebs bums around in jeans for an event. They all have their own personal style.


LOOK AT MY BESTIE KELT!!!!! She was interviewing on the red carpet for The Insider. I LOVEEEE her custom-made dress by  Watters Designs. Instead of going hipster she went glam and flirty. Add the Bridget Bardot hair for the final touch. I think she looks like Rock n Roll Barbie!


I’m soooo over these hair extensions on everyone in Hollywood. IT DOESN’T LOOK REAL. YOU AREN’T FOOLING ANYONE! This doesn’t look polished. She should have gotten someone from my L’Oreal glam squad to have mad her hair just perfect. Also her makeup is looking a little blah to me. I’d love to add some shimmer on her cheekbones and a pop of blush on her cheeks.


I had to look up this chick because I didn’t recognize her. But wow look at this hair! I DIE!!!! Love the color, the updo, the effortless tendrils. yesssssss


I know you were waiting for it. I’m sorry but Pink totally rocked this hair best. Pink is just a badass so it works. Miley to me seems like she is really forcing the envelope lately. Just be 19 and happy. Stop trying to grow up so fast and keep reminding us you aren’t Hannah Montana. We get it. 

What did you think of these red carpet looks? Did you agree or disagree with me? Make sure you send me your fashion questions!!!!I am going to write a blog answering them and include what’s hot at NYFW this week!

xoxo, Loftiss

2 thoughts on “Loftiss says “VMA Fashion!!!!’

  1. Agreed! You are so spot on with these looks. Although, I wasn’t a huge fan of Swift’s hair. With that suit and that lip, the hair should have looked more like Holland’s… But otherwise, you nailed it… ; )

    • I liked Taylor’s hair! The best would have been a ponytail but I believe an french twist would make her look too mature. Thank you so much for checking it out and responding. Since you are a fashion expert I appreciate it! 😉 xxx

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