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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Organizing Tips!!!

Every few months I lock myself in the house, throw some loud music on and organize my life! Since I live in a New York City apt it is very important to keep organized or you feel like you are suffocating in stuff!!!!! A few weeks ago I worked the Accessory Mart at the Javtis Center. It was sooo interesting seeing how people displayed their booths. They all had the same space to show their goodies and it was fascinating to see how each section was transformed into a different, unqiue vibe. I feel the same way about your house. Every space is blank- how do YOU make it different?

I like to see exactly what I own. I feel like when things are stashed away in drawers and boxes when you don’t see them- you don’t wear them!  I always loved my fiance’ display of cufflinks. Everything is right in front of you and displayed to showcase each different pair. This gave me the idea for my necklaces.


I went to a marvelous store where they sold products to furnish clothing stores. They had everything from busts, hangers, hand mounts, mannequins to display cases. I was in heaven! If I have a daughter one day I want to get a bust and place my hand painted Miss Georgia tutu in her bedroom (I have a few more years til that happens!)

Here was a spot in my closet that needed help. All my scarves were all folded and my jewelry was supposed to live in a long compartment bag. Only problem is I’m on the road so much that most of my nice jewelry lived in travel bags. Lord do the necklaces get tangled. I don’t have time to untangle jewelry when I’m running to an event.  I needed to simplify.

Here was my answer!

Ta Da! Here are my favorite pieces on display. I love it. It’s like art!

I also pulled out the cushion I originally received with my watch and placed it as a display. When you have nice things you want to take care of them and show them off. Just like a department store!I still use my accessory jewelry bag from the Container Store. This houses the rest of my sparkly goodies!


I have soooo much makeup. Not just because I like to buy it for myself but because of being a beauty blogger I am always receiving products (best job ever). Since I’m a huge fan of Birchbox and receive their box monthly I decided to put their boxes to work!!! For the past few months I have been using their boxes as separates in my beauty drawers. It makes my  process so much easier not digging around for a certain item.

This drawer is dedicated to my fav products.

Bottom right- My travel bag that I grab and throw in m purse.

Bottom left- My primers: face, eyes, lips

Top right- Bronzer, Powder, more bronzer

Top left- all my eye pencils, mascara, liquid liners.

*Not pictured 2nd drawer full of fake lashes, lash glue and a box full of products that I don’t use all the time. You know that random Orange Lipstick I pull out couple of weeks!

I used 2 more of the Birchboxes in my hair drawer.

1 for my rubber bands and bobbypins

1 for headbands

Here are just SOME of my samples. They were all over my house- I decided to put them in one central location.


*HINT- I think this would be a great idea for nail polishes too!


I have 4 levels. Again I like to keep ‘like’ items together. Here’s how I organize my products.

Bronzing products and lotions

Hair-dry shampoo, leave in conditioners, mouse, hairspray

Face- toners, masks, peels

Daily Morning/Night routine- eye cream, eye makeup remover, face lotion, deodorantPerfectly organized!!!!

I hope something gave you a great idea!  I’ll write another post and share how to organize the clothes in your closet! Look for that! Let me know what you do to keep your life sane.

HAPPY ORGANIZING!!!!! xoxo, Loftiss


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