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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: White to Neon!

While shopping for supplies back for Fourth of July I was at M&J and came across these fun iron on squares. I had no idea what I would do with them but decided to buy them anyway. I hopped on the internet and brainstormed some thoughts for my neon yellow squares.


I loved the idea of this! And my ironable squares would be sooo much easier than studding shorts. Done!


While on a random zipcar trip to Jersey I slipped into a TJ MAXX. As always I left with a bad of goodies. I found these darling white summer shorts. This would be the perfect canvas for my neon squares.

ummm did I mention they were only $10???!?!?! I LOVE TJ MAXX!!!!!



Since I had no idea how well these squares would stick to the fabric I decided to practice on the inside of the waistband. After knowing exactly the right about of heat and pressure to add I was ready to begin.

I made up the design as I went. I would do one row at a time then apply heat. I wanted to ensure that each square was angled correctly and was securely attached to the shorts.

HINT: Start with the back. Again if you mess up- you have more leeway on the back.


The front

The back

I didn’t want to overwhelm the shorts with neon. I just wanted a HINT of neon!


I LOVE MY NEW SHORTS!!!!! I got several compliments at my Sunday brunch on these shorts without telling a soul they were my DIY project of the week! Again, I do “Make It Work” Monday to get your brain thinking.The Breakdown:

White shorts: $10

Neon Squares: $13

Price for personalized shorts: $13!!!!!!!

Let me know your thoughts! xoxo, Loftiss


In honor of my Neon Birthday Party Sunday- read here!  

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