Loftiss says “LOFTI’S NEON BIRTHDAY PARTY + blast from the past bday pixs!”

Can you believe it that special birthday time has come again! I am so happy announce this years party will be a NEON PARTY!!!! Yes so let’s wear all our summer favorites at once kids! This is the time to be as ridiculous as possible and no one will look at you funny. It’s no judgment world here in Loftiss world.  Then to make it even more fun I’m having the festivities at a bowling alley with neon lights! YES!!!!!! Here’s the deets-


When: Sunday, August 26th

Time: 7:00 pm

Where: Frames NYC

Address:  9th Avenue & 40th st

Why Frames: Midtown (you’re welcome.) Lounge, bistro & bar, interactive media games and dance club. Ps maybe I saw in the private dance room a stripper pole. Make sure you stretch.


All is invited. I just want to see some of my favortie friends and enjoy ourselves. Let’s take a look at the past few parties thrown over the years:

The Golden Party

Dirty Vegas Party

80’s Showcase Showdown

Old Hollywood Glamour

Roller Skating Party


Now come on. You know don’t want to miss this people!!!!! I can’t wait to see you. Pull out some over the top neon and let’s bowl our way to a great birthday! Spread the word!!!! xoxo, Loftiss


3 thoughts on “Loftiss says “LOFTI’S NEON BIRTHDAY PARTY + blast from the past bday pixs!”

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