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Loftiss says “Beauty Crush-The Kandi Store”

I was going through my blogs and realized I haven’t shared any of my crush worth beauty products lately. Please forgive me dear friends!!!!! Let me introduce you to  The Kandi Store. It’s a new online boutique that provides high quality cosmetics. For those who love mineral based makeup this is the store for you! Magical natural lip gloss that comes in six lovely shades- super nourishing that isn’t stick at all (plus only $12.50- score!) And fab waterproof cream pencil eye liners that won’t fade.

I recently shot some more beauty videos for  (remember my “How to Fake a Sungoddess video” and my “Hollywood “It” Girl) and used a few products from this line. I can’t wait for you to see how I demonstrated some really hot trends with these great products. WAIT til you see the amazing bright purple eyeshadow I used. Check it out!

4 color compact (These colors are INSANE!!!)

Cherry Pop Lipgloss

Royal Purple Eyeliner

Cotton Candy Eyeshadow (would serve as a great highlighter too!)

Rose Bronzer (also great to use as an eyeshadow!)

And coming soon The Kandi Store will offer exclusive brand designer lingerie!!!  ohhh laaa laaaaa. To check out this brand new company head to the Kandi websiteFacebook and Twitter.

xoxo, Loftiss


SAVE THE DATE! Lofti Neon Birthday Party will be Aug 26th! Details coming on Friday…

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