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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Jenn’s Opening Night Look”

Nothing makes me happier than styling friends for events. One of my most dearest friends (of all time) opened The Public Theater Production of”Into The Woods.” Jenn Rias and I met in 2005 doing “West Side Story in Salt Lake City. We became instant friends from the moment we met. Along these seven years of friendship I have become one of her biggest fans! When this big opening coming up I was thrilled when she asked me to style her ! Let’s get started!


For the past year Jenn has been the Dance Captain for “Rock of Ages” on Broadway and we really wanted to get away from her rocker chic look for this evening. She already had this stunning white gown in her closet. She had only worn it once (at my birthday bash a few years ago) and thought it would be the PERFECT dress to pull out for a mid August bash.

I adore this dress. I really love white especially on tan/dark skin. It just pops and is so fresh. Also the cut of this dress is perfection. The Low V neckline and the cutouts make her waist look teeny tiny. And the fabric is lightweight which is exactly what  you want to dance the night away in!

Check out the back! This dress totally shows of her toned back. LOVE!


While at my apt she tried on a beaded headband and it looks gorgeous with her dark hair. It also went with our Grecian, effortless look. One of the errands on the list was to look for a headband to go with this gown.


You always have to play around to see what will work and what will fail. These bracelets are so gorgeous and shine so beautifully on camera but overwhelmed the dress. 

These earrings looked too daytime. Also they were not noticeable with her curly hair.

These earrings were definitely a contender. At the end they didn’t make the cut.


This was the stunning headband we got. Words can’t describe how much it shined when she placed it in her hair. Sadly with the show being outside and the humid air plus her hair being under a wig, Jen had to scrap the headband/side bun look.  No worries she will use it again for something else! Most importantly she had to work with her conditions. Basically she had to MAKE IT WORK!

I had decided on studs. We didn’t want to take away from the headband and dress.

This was my gift to Jen for her Opening. It is a vintage gold bracelet. It is pretty big and since she has thin wrists and arms I knew she could wear it up her arm. It would an extra bit of pizzaz and sparkle to her look!

Had to get a manicure!!!!! Jenn went for a dark red called Mistress. I thought the dark red would make it very glam and fabulous.

Found this bauble and thought it was the perfect accessory to counter her engagement ring/wedding on the other hand.

I insisted she wear my gold stitched Louboutons. These are party shoes and she needed to CELEBRATE!!!!!




We were going for Bronze Goddess. It was simple, fresh with a hint of sparkle. She used gold pigment from MAC to brighten her eyes. Everything else was bronzer, light blush and a pinkish nude  lip.

*TIP- Wet your brush before you apply the pigment. It will seal the powder and make the color more intense.

Goddess. Done!

With the director Timothy Sheader

A great shot of Jenn with her  hubby Luis!

I couldn’t be more pleased with her look! I totally think Jenn rocked this looks and MADE IT WORK! She couldn’t have been more beautiful if she tried! Congrats to Jenn and the rest of the cast in “Into The Woods.” I’m so excited to see it tonight!

What did you think of Jenn’s opening night look? xoxo, Loftiss

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8 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: Jenn’s Opening Night Look”

  1. You did a great job. However, you could put that girl in a flour sack and flip flops and she would still be the most beautiful one t the Ball. She glows like a 10 wick candle. Love her!!!!!

  2. Jenn is a true beauty and will shine in anything- thank you for capturing this special day with such a beautiful article. You are such a wonderful friend, Loftiss. Your huge heart makes any gal feel like a broadway star!

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