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Loftiss says “my Old Navy Funnovation Nation experience + Videos!”

The month of July was out of this world! Touring with the Old Navy Funnovation Tour was one of the best jobs of my life. I had the incredible opportunity to go all over America sharing the fun of Old Navy! Not only was Old Navy generous with free merchandise, food and entertainment to each town, also four $10,000 grants for each organization in their communities!!!!  HUGEEEEE shout out to my guest co-hosts Joey Lawrence and Jordan Knight! It was a pleasure getting to know you both! Instead of me trying to explain these special events….check out the post. Four town. Four videos.



I mean come on! Could he be any more adorable?!?!?!?



The Boss Man, Anthony 🙂



Look ya’ll it’s Taylor! Taylor won my first blog giveaway!!! She’s wearing the monogrammed necklace here! So happy I got to meet her in person.

Me sharing my Rockstar with Jordan. We must be friends!



A snippet of my interview with Jordan

Jordan performing “Higher”

Soooo can we do it again next month? Thank you to Old Navy for making me a part of this remarkable tour. I adore your clothes, your brand, your fun attitude and your giving heart! HERE’S TO OLD NAVY!!!! xoxo, Loftiss


Also enjoy:

Loftiss says “How I styled my Old Navy Tour Looks!!!!”

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