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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: How I styled my Old Navy Tour outfits!”

I was so excited when I was told I had $200 clothing allowance for the Old Navy Funnovational Tour! Ahhhhhh it’slike SuperMarket Sweep! $200 for 4 outfits -Done! I had the best time pulling clothes and putting together looks. Old Navy is such a family friendly brand and I wanted to exude happiness! Since I was also outside the entire event (HOT!!!!!!) AND teaching dance/hula hoop classes I knew I wanted to be comfortable. Let me show you what I came up with!



I found the orange top first. I reallyliked the beading in the neckline. I thought it was expected to pair with blue jean shorts or white shorts. I opted for neon yellow. I wanted to start this tour off with a jolt of bright colors!

Orange Top: $26

Yellow shorts: $19

Necklace (used as a bracelet) $9


I found these adorable plaid blue and white shorts and knew I wanted to play off of them. I thought a red tank would look to cowboy so I went for bright yellow. I pulled the tie off my dress (featured in NC) and wrapped it around my head. I thought the different shades of blue tied it all together.

Shorts: $24

Shirt: Old Navy shirt bought a few months back

Earrings: $9

Hair Tie (off dress worn in NC)


Anyone that knows me knows orange and bright green are my favorite colors. I HAD to put them together!!!!! These boat shorts are too cute for words and the silk top looked a little bulky on me so I tied it at the waist. I threw on a neon green belt for a pop of color and the gold boat shoes were the finishing touch!

Silk Shirt  : $27

Shorts: $22

Shoes: 19

Neon Belt: $5

Necklace: (used earlier as bracelet in CA)


Finally time to wear my dress. Since this is a beach town I thought it was perfect. Adorable plaid dress then added the neon belt to brighten it up. Last addedt the pink headband to bring color to my face.

Dress: $29

Pink Hair Band: $3

Belt: Took off fabric tie and used neon belt (used in GA)

Gold Shoes to teach Dance (used in GA)

Alternate clothes not used:

Orange shorts (on sale rack): $6



As always I hope this got your noggin thinking! I had a blast in July and  can’t wait to share with you the Old Navy Funnovational Tour pixs in the next post! What look was your favorite? What would you have put togehter? Don’t you love Old Navy?!?!!? TELL ME EVERYTHING! xxoxo, Loftiss

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