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Loftiss says “Make It Work” Monday: How to make your manicure last!!!!

Hello Monday!!!!! I have been a traveling fool lately. Since May I’ve been in two countries and eight states. Since I’m a girl on the move AND recently engaged I have to keep my nails look good. And let’s be honest sometimes there is not enough hours in the day to throw in a nail appointment. I have a few tricks to keep my nails looking lovely regardless where I am. Here are my tips to “MAKE IT WORK!”



If you are taking a 45 mins break from your life to hit the salon-GET THE GEL!!! Some places it’s called Shellac but it’s the same thing. A normal mani lasts 3 days for me….5 tops if I’m sick in bed and not move. I am really active and can’t seem to make them last! A gel manicure will last you 2 weeks. It is totally worth the extra few dollars. The best part is you can walk  out without waiting on them to dry. WHAT? You put your hands in little heaters that seal the color. You leave with a flawless manicure.


Ok so you have gotten your nails down but your life is crazy again and you can’t get to the salon to get them redone. No problem. YOU CAN PAINT OVER THEM!!!! Whatever color you have you can paint over them with a brighter color to hide the nail growth. A few weeks ago I painted my ballet pink into hot pink (no one noticed). I’ve done fuchsia into neon orange. You can get an extra week with this trick. Holla!


Another fun trick is put glitter on your cuticles to disguise the growth. Everytime I do this it’s because I’m trying to make my manicure last but I get TONS of compliments on my added touch of glamour. Here’s an example- this one is very precise.

This is mine the other day. I made the glitter more sporadic. White with gold! It was a hit everywhere I went!


So this time you chipped your nails….bummer. Well instead of cutting all of your nails off  just file and glitter your tips! It is a the easiest way to camouflage your flawed nail.

Soooo  sooooo beautiful.

Here’s someone who did both tricks on every other nail


I look back a few years ago and “nail art” was considered trashy. You never saw fashionable people wearing nail designs. That time is over. It seems like all the time I see someone on the red carpet rocking this new trend. I think it’s fun. I mean…again WHY NOT?!?!? And it’s a great way to hid different lengths and mishaps.

Zoey Deschanel- Tuxedo Nails

Katy Perry got Russell Brand nails (ummmm why?)



Olympics. Go Team USA!!!!!!


My nail salon charges an extra $10 for taking off old gels. I think not. I just studied what they did and decided to do it at home. Here’s what you do. Grab your supplies: Acetone, cotton balls and tin foil.

Just pour Acetone on each cotton ball, place on your nail and cover with a square of tin foil. Let it sit for 20 mins. After that, use a flat tool (or your fingernail works) to scrap off the old polish. Your fingers will be white and the old polish will be easy to flake off. Voila! Instant removal!

I hope you found these tips hopeful. Seriously, you’ll save money if you use some of these tricks. Let me know what you try out and definitely send me pixs on Fbook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy nails to you!

xoxo, Loftiss

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