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Loftiss says “The perfect nude lipstick combination”

Nude lipstick really looks beautiful on everyone. No matter the age, skin color or hair color this look is lovely. What you have to find is the perfect combination for YOU. There has been so many times that I have bought a pretty nude lipstick in the store and when I get home, fix my face and lastly apply my new purchase- I look like a walking zombie. If you get the color too light- you look like death. Too shiny- you look like you’ve been licking grease. I am always on a quest for the perfect nude combination for me. Before I tell you my personal favorites- check out these celebs and how it looks brilliant on everyone.


Department store brands

{More expensive}


MAC Half n Half– $14.50

Supposedly this is what Kim K wears. But remember you are all not Armenian. This might not work for you!

YSL Sweet Honey- $34

Gorgeous. Simply. Gorgeous




Revlon Color Burst 070 Softnude $8.72

Revlon Lustrous – Peach Petal- $5.99

Added together is really stunning. And the combined price is: $14.71

I personally like wearing a lipliner with a gloss. Lipstick doesn’t look the best on me. I am constantly switching up my makeup routine but today I’m wearing:

Rimmel LastingFinish- 1000 kisses– $3.95

added with Buxom in Bunny – $14

What do you wear!?!?! I’d love to hear what your combination is.


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xoxo, Loftiss

6 thoughts on “Loftiss says “The perfect nude lipstick combination”

  1. Thanks for sharing, like you I am always on the quest of the perfectly nude shade…I 99% of the time am disappointed and end up tossing it since it makes me look washed out. Def going to try the YSL shade, you’re the second blogger to mention it, thinking its a sign!

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