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Loftiss says “Step by Step: Wrap-Around-French-Braid”

Summer is all about the braid! It’s perfect because it gets your hair off your neck and looks whimsical and fun. One of my all time favorite looks is the “Wrap Around French Braid.” It seemed to get a lot of attention recently since it’s Katniss’ hairstyle in the movie “The Hunger Games.”{ps- I’ve been rocking this look since middle school!}. I love how you can do it in less than 3 mins and it will hold the entire day through night. Let’s get started!!!!!

The Wrap- Around-French-Braid

Grab a section of hair that you want to begin with. I part my hair going to the right and am a righty so this feels natural to me.

Begin to braid the hair like you normally do for a French Braid.

When you bring in more hair make sure you keep bringing the braid down the right side of your head. You take more hair on the left and less hair on the right. You want the braid to to trail down the natural shape of your head.

***A good note is to keep touching your ear . If the braid seems close to your ear – you are right on track!***

Since my hair is so long I have to switch my hands when in gets near the nap of my neck. Just hold on tight and make sure your hands are comfortable. You can also put a rubber band at this point then make a messy side bun by your left ear. It would be a perfect night out look!

TA DA!!!! Look at that!

I am ready for a day out!

I like to do this look when I’m doing something active like golfing or tennis. It looks stylish while keeping my hair in place. 

Was this helpful? Will you try this look this summer? As always send me your thoughts and any questions! I’m off to Fresno, CA tomorrow for my 1st stop on my Old Navy tour. Come by if you are near! See ya’ll Monday for “Make It Work”-4th of July edition.  Can’t wait to show you the headpiece & earrings I made!


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xoxo, Loftiss

5 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Step by Step: Wrap-Around-French-Braid”

  1. Hi Emily! Where is the white tank from and what is under it, I want one, (its hard to find something with out having bra show).

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