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Loftiss says “Make It Work Monday”: The Green Dress

Happy Monday over here in Loftiss Land! As you know I’m the biggest fan of getting these altered. I don’t care if you do the changes yourself or pay someone to do it. What matters is that you have a vision. My goal is to help you see something  and know exactly what you need to do to make this outfit work perfectly for you.


A few months away I was at one of my favorite stores, T J Maxx, looking for a swimsuit for vacation. I walked by this dress hanging on the wall and instantly thought…hmmmm if the price is right I can MAKE THIS WORK! Turns out if was “Soprano” brand  (sold at Nordstrom) and was $25. A floor length dress for $25? DONE! I instantly thought it would be great to wear for a wedding.



*The fabric is very silky. It doesn’t cling yet is stretchy.

*The mint color is so hot right now!



*The leg line is totally destroyed by the mini skirt.

*Cowl necks aren’t really my thing.


I had my friend, Katrina, who was a former dance friend of mine turned seamstress, came over to discuss my game plan. I had her cut out the mini skirt. It made ZERO sense to have it. It made my legs look short and took away from the dress. Then we brought down the slit about 2 inches. If we didn’t do that the slit would be obscene. As always, keeping it classy folks. Last, I decided I would wear the dress as a one shoulder garment. Since the fabric was loose enough it was super easy to slide one side off the shoulder.  This would remedy the cowl neck problem.


VIOLA!!!! See how effortless the dress looks? I opted to slide off the shoulder on the same side of the slit to make it look even. The slit turned out beautifully and would work with heels or flats.

Here we are at dinner in Jamaica.


Original Price of the dress: $25

Alterations: $18

Total price: $43

Hope this got your juices flowing! Send me your comments and any questions YOU have on making something work in your wardrobe or beauty routine. I’m always here to help! Enjoy your week and pop back over- some exciting things to announce!

xoxo, Loftiss


For Alterations in NYC:


4 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make It Work Monday”: The Green Dress

  1. Woman, you’re a genius! I often don’t look at potential. I’m going to have to put my creative “Emily” hat on next time I’m shopping 🙂 Thanks for sharing Katrina’s contact, been searching for someone that can do alterations.

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