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Loftiss says “Secret product for flawless complexion!”

I pride myself on knowing the ins and outs of the beauty industry. I know when you should spend the money on a good product or buy the cheaper one at Rite Aid. Well this my friend is one of the moment where you should listen to Mama Loftiss. Introducing the Beauty Blender, a  tool used by ALLLL professional Make-up artists and will change your life!!!!


The Beauty Blender is a makeup sponge applicator that eliminates lines. The suede “egg” fits perfectly to contour all the angles to your face and give you that flawless completion. So forget using your fingers and throw away those awkward triangle sponges! The elliptical shape makes it possible to cover even hard- to-reach areas (like the creases of your nose and around the jaw line).

If you click here – you can buy 2 for $25.  Perfect for one at your house and one for travel! There IS a generic one created by Sonia Kashuk at Target,but this time you should go for the real thing. The shape and texture are better by the original Beauty Blender. I know, I’ve tried both. By buying here you save $11 and get 2 to take home!


 I use my Beauty Blender day. I can honestly can say, I see a huge difference when I skip this step. I have gotten so many more compliments about my “beautiful makeup” and I know it’s from this magical suede ball. If you want professional looking flawless skin-listen to me and pick up this little guy.

The key to the perfect face is simple: the perfect blend.

xoxo, Loftiss

8 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Secret product for flawless complexion!”

  1. I love my beauty blender! I bought one two years ago and just the other day it got a little tear in it so I just ordered two more.
    I’m going to start using it in my kit!

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