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Loftiss says “Make It Work Mondays”: How To Wear All White!

Hello lovelies! I’m heading to an All White party on Wednesday and it got me thinking about how to wear this summer look. People seem to shy away  from wearing all white unless they are at the beach or a bride. I think this is such a luxurious look IF done right. Let me show you a few ways on how to MAKE IT WORK!


The Casual

Nothing is easier than throwing on a comfy shirt and shorts. By including an off the shoulder, look makes it even more effortless.This was actually a dress that accidentally got itself into the dryer and shrunk. No reason to throw it away!!!! So now I just rock it as a fab top!

The Sophisticated

Everyone looks great in a pencil skirt. Add a white tank, a messy french twist and sunnies you are ready for a day or night on the town!

The Bohemian

This is a plan white V-neck skirt that I tied up and added to my long skirt. I believe I’ve had this skirt for 5+ years. It’s my go-to skirt whenever I’m in the mood to chill!

The Hampton

This is the same white tee pictured above with a pair of white capris. Every time I go to the Hamptons I see this same look over and over again. The “I didn’t try at all but am fabulous look.” I just love it!

The Lady Who Brunches

Grab any sundress and add a big floppy hat and you are on point! You can actually add this hat to any of the outfits. As always, accessories are my fav!

The West Coast

This is the same H & M skirt from above worn as a dress. Nothing makes me happier than having multiple purposes for something! Comfy and chic! This would make the perfect airplane outfit!

I’d like to add that with an all white outfit go easy on the makeup and hair. I only have on tinted moisturizer and lip gloss in these pixs. If you have naturally curly/wavy hair….let it go! These looks are perfect for anything you planned from day to night, breakfast to cocktails. Just enjoy your life and the gorgeous weather!

xoxo, Loftiss

4 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Make It Work Mondays”: How To Wear All White!

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