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Loftiss says “Make It Work Monday!” Cheap to Chic

HELLO ALL!!!! I’m back from Aruba after my magical engagement (ohhhh I’m still floating! Expect some wedding blogs this year. )While on vacation my mother brought me a few little goodies. One was a dress from Roses in Thomasville, GA. I used to always shop at Roses growing up for back to school supplies. It was cheaper than Wal-Mart and most people forgot about this great store so they never ran out of supplies. If there’s one person who likes a deal more than me- it’s Mama Loftiss!!!! The dress she brought me was $15. I wanted to show you how you can take a dress under $20 and “MAKE IT WORK”!


The dress

When discount shopping look for detail. The more detail the more expensive the piece looks. The pattern on the top and bottom look gorgeous and intricate. The neck piece has wooden and stone baubles. You don’t even have to match a necklace…it’s part of the dress! I rarely wear purple but I really love this color. Mama made an excellent choice!

The “V”

Here is a really simple adjustment that will instantly slim you! No one looks good in a straight across neckline. Do you hear me brides? It’s really not flattering on anyone. By simply pushing the sides by the bust down and creating a “V”  towards your face your waist will appear slimmer. Look!

It honestly makes your arms look more toned and your waist smaller. SCORE!

The knot

Maxi dresses are ALLLL the rage. To jazz up your look, grab the bottom of the dress and tie it in a knot. It looks bohemian and effortless.

Best part is you won’t dirty the bottom part of your dress. You can get more wearings out of it!

The Belt

I’m pretty sure I got this belt at a Goodwill for $2.50. By choosing a gold metallic belt it looks more pricey. I also toyed with a worn in brown belt and an orange belt. If you have an hourglass figure belts are your best friends. Hit a discount store and load up!


Sunglasses are THE summer accessory! Doesn’t matter what shape you choice. Just go big, big, BIG!!!!!! ***INSTANT FAB***


Just like sunglasses you can’t ever tell how expensive hoop earrings are. I suggest grabbing a cheaper pair but make sure they are stainless steel so your ears won’t get infected. I believe these were $12.


Since I’m traveling I couldn’t pack my normal 20+ bracelets. They weigh too much!!!! Mix up some quality items with some cheapie bracelets. The large one I’m rocking is from Fashion Week a few seasons ago given to me by the  Ann Taylor peeps.

This is a necklace that I switch in and out as a bracelet or necklace, depending on my mood. This is an easy transition for most necklaces and is a great way to make a statement.

Back Out 

Same rule applies with the straight across fabric on the chest with the back of a dress. I can not tell you how many shirts, dresses that I’ve had altered to make backless. It’s summer ya’ll- show off that back!!!!! I changed the back of my dress with one little safety-pin!

The dress automatically looks more glamourous.

Never underestimate THE POWER OF THE SAFETY PIN!!!!!

Here I am with Mama in Aruba rocking my $15 dress at Brunch!

The simplest adjustments can make your look go from cheap to chic! Was this helpful? Anything you learned that you can apply to your life? And if you have any questions about something in your wardrobe or suggestions for a “Make It Work Monday” blog- let me know!

Make sure you follow me on Twitter/Facebook and please spread the word about Loftiss Says. Happy Week ya’ll! xoxoxo

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