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Loftiss says “Red Carpet Roundup! Cannes, Billboard Awards, Movie Premiere”

Sooo many fun events to blog about!!!! Thought the easiest thing would be to clump them all up together. Let’s get this party started!!!!
Diane Kruger- Vienne Westwood  
Dress- Gorgeous
Makeup- Flawless
Hair- Hate it
Her hair looks thin and like she should be in a version of “Little House of the Prairie.” I would have loved a 1950’s Old Hollywood wave, or a slick back does Diane look alarmingly thin. Or is it just the dress. Her waist looks like its 14 inches!!!!!!!
Look #2- Giambattista
Bravo Glam squad!!!!!! This look is beautiful. I really like her smoky eyes in the nutmeg/rose color.
Love this modern up do. Totally easy to duplicate. But why did she keep that loop in the top of her ear??? WHY!!!! Everything else was perfection.
Naomi Watts- Gucci
Yikes. You look a little like you have gone to the same doctor Nicole Kidman went to. Skin is too tight. Hair also looks messy and unkept. And for the dress, she could have totally rocked this 1920’s Flapper style dress if we shortened 5/6 inches. It would be precious as a micro mini.
Salema Hayek- Gucci
WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!! You used to be a style icon. This dress would be lovely on an actress pushing her 80s! You are too hot for this! DO BETTER!!!!!
Jessica Chastian- Armani
Thank you Jessica! This looks is Hollywood Startlette at it’s best. I love every single thing about this look. Simply stunning.
I saved the best of Cannes for last: Eva Longoria- Marchesa
Beyond breathtaking.I want to die in this dress.
Nothing is better than effortless beauty. J’adore the light grey/purple eyeshadow and the thrown up hair. We all know this hair took a long time to manipulate but it’s like anything…don’t let us see you sweat!
Miley Cyrus- Jean Paul Gaultier
I can’t. I really can’t. You are not Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. You are a 19 year old Disney Star!!!! Put on some damn pants, button up your jacket and get off the red carpet. I’m over you.
Natasha Bedingfield- Elie Saab
ohhhhh I like this dress. Really interesting. I would have been mesmerized by the dress if Natasha had worn her hair up. There is sooo much volume at the shoulders it could have have been shown off better. I don’t even mind the sheer sleeves or seeing the bra. Pretty mint color for Spring!
Nelly Furtado- Alberata Ferretti
This is like a DIY project on bad. Very very bad.
Taylor Swift- Elie Saab
Very unexpected for Taylor. I really like this dress on her! More edgy. It almost looks like a McQueen to me. Good for you Taylor from stepping out of your comfort zone.SEXY!!!!!
Katy Perry-Blumarine
Ooookkkkkkkkkk…..I hate this completely. This dress looks completely cheap like a bad Prom dress.
Why does Katy Perry think her hair should always color coordinate with her clothes….uggggg so trashy. And this dark lipstick makes your look like a vampire not like a star. Next Look!
Julianne Hough- Kaufman Franco
This totally looks like she stepped out of a bathtub and put on a rhinestone towel/dress. If you know anything about Broadway Musicals, I literally wore this exact outfit in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” in the bedroom scene. Regardless-it’s working for me! The styling of her hair/makeup is perfectly on point!
Cameron Diaz- Stella McCartney
I  like the thought of this look, but it’s too casual for a huge movie premiere ESPECIALLY in NYC. The fit of the pant isn’t perfect. With a little alterations this look would be perfect for work to drinks.
Brooklyn Decker – Calvin Klein
Ok so you don’t want want to be looked at like a model. Fine. But why in the world would you not shine at the red carpet!!!!!  YOU WERE A SUPERMODEL!!!! USE THOSE GOODS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!
What are your thoughts ?DO TELL! DO TELL!!! I’m going to leave you with a super fun album one of my besties, Keltie, made of us in a million costumes we’ve worn together over the years. It will totally make you smile!!!! Click here!! HAPPY 3 DAY WEEKEND!!! xoxoox

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