Loftiss says “Robin Hood Foundation + Rihanna?!?!?”

One of the best things about living in New York City is having the opportunity to attend incredible events. Like I’ve always said I’ve very passionate about many things: Dance, the color orange, great bronzer, animals, and giving time and energy to charities. I had the extreme honor to attend the Robin Hood Foundation Event on Monday. My darling friend Jasmine, whom I’ve known since college days at Bama, now works for this organization and reached out to me with a ticket.
The Robin Hood Foundation mission: To fight poverty in NYC. It was a star-studded event with everyone from Martha Stewart, Tiki Barber,The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, Kate Upton, Tyra Banks, Michael J Fox, Deepak Chopra, Chelsea Clinton to many many more. *Want to see Jimmy Falon hilariously slow jam click here.  At the end of the night the organization raised $57 million!!!!! Then to make the night even more of a success there was a private concert by Rihanna.
Yes…this happend. And I was there.
Holla! Can’t wait to see Rihanna!!!!
{If you want to learn how I made this dress work- click here!}
Jasmine and Brandon working the door.
 My dates! Amber & Janine
Jas being very professional and important. Obviously- she has a headset.
Now on to Rihanna!
Jasmin told me that every year Robin brings in a A list celeb to perform. Usually they pull them off the rood for this one night. Turns out Rihanna is gearing up for her World Wide Tour. This was the first night she has pulled together any sets, costumes, lighting, choreography etc. She actually requested a Spinx with lasers coming out of it’s eyes. Yep- guess when you are a star you can request anything!!!!! I was lucky enough to hang out with one of my friends after the show, Michelle Martinez, who danced right next to her all night.
*Side note- I have to say I thought is was a little strange that she went for the Egyptian them when Madonna just did it at The Superbowl. Regardless Ri Ri looked gorgeous and flawless as always. Everything we saw that night is being shipped back to LA to be performed for American Idol and the World Tour. Amazing that this show was tested on this Charity. A plus in my book!
Look at this Egyptian set.
What an awesome night. Not only did I get to rock out to Rihanna but this night raised around $57 million to fight poverty in NYC. Again, I am honored to be a Southern Belle turned New Yorker. I left with my heart being happy because not only did we dance the night away but we made a difference in the world. Thank you Robin Hood Foundation for everything you do! Click here to donate! xoxo, Loftiss
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2 thoughts on “Loftiss says “Robin Hood Foundation + Rihanna?!?!?”

  1. Thanks for writing about the event! I have the pleasure of working with Jasmine and am psyched to read that you had such a great time.Welcome aboard our poverty fighting train!

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