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Loftiss says introducing “Make It Work Mondays!” 1st post- The Orange Dress

I’ve always had a knack for making things that normally wouldn’t work into something wearable and fabulous. Just like life I think it’s important to be creative! I thought the best way to really know me is to read how I make soooo may things ‘work’ in my normal life. So every Monday pop on over to Loftiss Says to see the newest post on “Make It Work Mondays!” My goal is to inspire you to think outside the box. Just because that dress isn’t the right size, you can’t afford the latest trends, you need an incredible party dress and have zero time to shop- I’m here to get you thinking!  Let’s get started….



Last summer I was heading to see my darling friend Steven Clawson compete in “CMT’s Next Superstar” in Nashville. Steven had the incredible opportunity to perform at the CMT Music Awards that same week and asked me to be one of his guests. So not only was I attending the CMT Music Awards but I was attending the People (Country) Magazine Party.  I needed a knockout dress to not only represent myself well but my boy Steven at both events!


Living in NYC, I am on the mailing list for designer sample sales. There is a brilliant one 2 blocks from my house that brings in designer clothes at huge discounts everything from Tory Burch, Theory, Nanette Lepore and on. (*Sidenote- see if there are any in your area.) I hit the Milly Sample Sale and fell instantly in love with this orange and gold gown. Gagggggggg THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE COLORS!!!!! It’s retail price was $400 and it was on sale for $99!!!!! There was only 1 dress and it was a size 2, I’m a size 4/6. I tried to cram myself in it but the zipper wouldn’t go all the way up and the lining underneath was suffocating me. Almost anyone else would walk away and find something else. Not me. IT WAS AN ORANGE FLOOR LENTH GOWN! It has to be mine! I was going to have to !!!!


Like I’ve said a 100x the key to looking like a million bucks is to have a fabulous alterations person. I took my dress to Claudia and said we need to add fabric. To make the bust fit, so I wouldn’t look like Dolly Parton, we added gold fabric to the side seam. It was in the same color scheme AND placed underneath the arms it was not noticeable. There was sooo much happening in the dress, that one wouldn’t notice 2 inches of gold fabric on either side. And if they did, it looked like it was made that way! (ps-yes my nails are orange. I have an obsession obviously)

Next I need to fix the lining that was too tight. Since it was an empire waist dress with flowy chiffon on top no one could see the inside lining. I asked Claudia to add orange fabric on either side of the side seam so I could breathe. The alterations cost $20.

After these 2 changes were added to the dress it was perfect for me! And better yet- custom for my body! I got a showstopper dress for $120!!!!! (with alterations cost included). I can not tell you how happy I am with this gown. Let’s look at the finished dress!


Steven and me at the CMT Music Awards right before he performed.

Ran into my friend Cecila. We competed at Miss GA together!

Step and Repeat.

Only worn the dress 2x. The other time is featured in the next blog “Robin Hood Foundation Benefit +Rhianna Concert”(that’s up on Wednesday…you don’t want to miss that).

So there you are. I made a dress that was a few sizes too small work. All you have to do is be creative! I hope you enjoy this new weekly topic and I look forward to your responses and questions about your life! xoxo, Loftiss

13 thoughts on “Loftiss says introducing “Make It Work Mondays!” 1st post- The Orange Dress

  1. Gorgeous, Emily! Who is this Claudia you speak of. Is she in NYC? If so, please share her contact info. I’ve been searching for a new seamstress. Thx 🙂

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