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Loftiss says ” Good Girl vs Bad Girl Makeup” Guest blog by Jennysue Makeup!

Good Girl vs Bad Girl Makeup :: Good

I think every woman has a GOOD girl side and a BAD girl side – no matter how tame or wild, we all have alter egos that pop up every now and then.  My good girl side shows up at parent teacher conferences and my bad girl side shows up on those few instances that the hubby and I get a babysitter and actually get to sit down for an adult meal at a restaurant that doesn’t serve crayons and menus you can color on…WILD I KNOW!!! Ha!!!!

{Good girl look –  complete with curls, so innocent huh??}

This is going to be a 2 part posting, with the GOOD GIRL beauty tricks going first.  I will then show you how to build upon that good girl look that probably shows up during the day and how to transform her into that night time bad gal.

Products used for this low maintenance look along with the steps to creating it:
{A shimmery neutral shadow color used as crease color + eye liner, keeps it simple and sweet}
1.  Eyes-  MAC shadow in “blanc type,”  L’Oreal Infallible 24 hr eyeshadow in color “bronzed taupe” (shown above), and Maybelline’s The Falsies mascara in black.
 {Matte ivory color brushed on from lash to brows, all over the lid.}
 {Shimmery neutral taupe color applied in the crease/along eye socket to create doe-like eyes!}
{Same crease color used as eyeliner along the upper and lower lashes.}
Be sure to use a tiny angled liner brush to get that color as close to the lash line as possible.  And if you haven’t invested in one of these L’Oreal 24 hr shadows yet, you should, it delivers true color all day! I even tested it without my lid primer (gasp! I don’t go a day without this stuff) to see if it performed, and it did!!  I will def be buying this product in other colors.
2.  Face and lips.  Revlon PhotoReady compact makeup in “shell,” you can see my previous post review here, MAC blush in “fleur power,” Too Faced “snow bunny” bronzer, Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in “illegal,” and L’Oreal Infallible lipcolor in “azalea.”
 {Apply your a peachy pink blush directly onto the apples of your cheeks.}
{Apply your highlighter product directly above your blush color,
as well as in the tear duct area of your eye to make your eyes shine!}
{Don’t forget, for the finishing touch, SMILE!! Good girls always look happy and approachable.}
Stay tuned for the next installment of GOOD vs BAD to find out how to turn that angel face into a foxy devil…

Good Girl vs Bad Girl Makeup :: Bad

Now we are onto how I used my beauty tricks to turn my daytime good girl, into a nighttime bad gal!
{My bad girl stare.  Not as intimidating as I’d of liked, but I tried!}
{I’m actually more comfortable smiling to be quite honest. Guess I’m good at heart;)}
So if you remember from the previous post, I was going to build upon the previous goody-two-shoes look, to create a more devil-ish look!  So we will begin where we left off  using the same products that were listed and adding a few more.  Here are the additional makeup steps that you would add onto the previous look in order of how I would apply.
1.  Eyes.  Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil in “night glisten” and Ardell false lashes in “wispies” were the only two additional products needed to create the bad girl eye effect.
 {Extend the L’oreal Infallible bronzed taupe shadow from lashline up to a bit higher than the crease area. Like I said, this stuff will last through whatever mischief you are up to-
it has mah-jor staying power!!”
{Line the whole eye with a soft chubby black pencil
and create a sideways V out of the corner of the eye.}
 {Smudge the entire black lined area and V with a Qtip to blend and create smokey effect.}
{Take your original taupe shadow and brush it over the smudged black liner to add some shimmer to the overall eye, which smooths everything out.}
{My new fave strip falsies when I’m in a hurry- Ardell “wispies”-
I’ve already worn this same pair 3 times!}
{Press these into your already mascara’d and curled lashes for a more natural looking fit.}
2.  Face & Lips.  MAC Bronzer in “golden,” Lancome Color Design lipstick in “Edgy,” and Too Faced Mirror Mirror gloss “I know you want.”
 {Feels funny, looks funny, but shows where your natural cheekbones are so that you can apply your bronzer right underneath them for contouring purposes.}
{I applied this berry plum lipstick with my finger so as to create a more “stained” look- Bad girls aren’t perfect, far from it…wink wink;)}
For the finishing touches on my bad girl alter ego,  I applied my clear gloss right in the center of my bottom lip to create a pout-ier effect (think bad girl Megan Fox pout) and slicked my two day old hair into a sleek ponytail.  Voila, the fiercest looking bad girl I can conjure up that would still be wearable on a dinner date with the hubby, sans kiddos of course!
So which makeup do you think should win the battle of  GOOD vs BAD…
HOW FABULOUS WAS THIS BLOG!!!! Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing this with my readers. A Southern Belle in love with makeup. Me too girlfriend!!!!!
Stay in touch with Jennifer Duvall!!!
 Bio: I am passionate about beauty products and what they can do for a woman’s self confidence. Besides being a freelance makeup artist in the Athens/Atlanta GA area for over 10 years, my most important job to date is being the best mother I can be to my 3 wonderful children. My blog is an outlet for me to share my love for the art of makeup. My goal is to take the confusion and intimidation factor out of all of the various beauty products available and how to apply them to work for everyday life. I do this through “how to” tutorials, product reviews, or just a simple face of the day. Since blogs are so personal, I can’t leave out my love for my family and how they influence and inspire my daily life or even my makeup routine (or lack thereof!). I cannot deny that I gain a certain sense of self confidence necessary to tackle the day with the help of all the wonderful beauty products out there. I’M A MOMMY WITH A MAKEUP PROBLEM.
xoxo, Loftiss

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