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Loftiss says “VIDEO! How to Get a Tanned Look without a Tanning Bed!”

 Nothing in my book is better than looking tan.

 I shot this video a few months ago from CHIC.TV and finally got the footage. Ahhhh perfect timing! Now, I can teach my little bunnies how to rock a tan even if you haven’t gone on vaca. I’m excited because this video went up last week and AOL, Styelist and Huffington Post picked it up. Over 100,000 views so far! Holla! Feel free to repost to spread the word on faking a fab tan anytime of the year.


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 xoxo, In Beauty we trust- Loftiss

5 thoughts on “Loftiss says “VIDEO! How to Get a Tanned Look without a Tanning Bed!”

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