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Loftiss says “Guest blog! 10 Ways to get in shape like a Fitness Model!”

I was super excited to do another Guest Blog for Remington Ready!  As you might not know I have been a fitness model for years and have been a “gymbot” as long as I can remember. Here’s a few pixs throughout my career as a Fitness Model:


I absolutely know how hard it is to get in shape or stay in shape over the years. With your life constantly changing, career and love stuff it’s challenging to put your health first. And for me I don’t dance 8 hours a day anymore so I’ve had to change my workout regime. That’s why I was thrilled to make this video with 10 easy and simple ways to work out ANYWHERE!!!!!! I believe in your! Let’s look incredible for Summer!!!!

10 Moves to Get You in Shape like a Fitness Model!

We asked our friend and fitness model, Emily Loftiss, to put together a simple and impactful workout to whip our winter bodies into summer shape. She sent us these 10 moves that are great for people at any fitness level.  The best part is you can do these exercises ANYWHERE.  No Gym required, so No Excuses allowed 🙂


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