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Loftiss says “Celeb Red Carpet Moments in April”

Since it’s not Award Season I am missing my Red Carpet moments. I’m sure you are feeling the void too. Here’s some of the latest looks worn by our beloved celebs.


Hotness!!!! This Prada dress is tres’ chic.  I would have traded the red shoes for a red lip though. When in doubt ladies always go with the nude shoe!!!!

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Hmmmmm with your pale skin and light blonde hair this dress just fades into you. I like Michelle in bolder colors. Or if we cut the dress in half and keep the skirt and add a bright yellow blouse it would pop and make your fair skin glow.

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I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s really hard to pull off long sleeves AND a long length skirt but this is how to do it flawlessly.



This is just soooo much fabric. Love the length but I want to see some skin. Either sleeveless or more of a v- neckline. And I think hair down would have made this look sexier.



I know this is all Miu Miu but I’m not feeling it. It’s too hipster for me. If she had dropped the jacket, hair in a side braid and booties she could have done the “60’s love child’ look. I would have enjoyed that much much more.



First off YUM!!!! When did the kid from “High School Musical” grow up??? I think they look super hot together.

Taylor was born to wear this Calvin Klein dress. WERK! And, Zac I like the slick back hair look but the jacket doesn’t look expensive. I’m sure it is but it just didn’t photograph very well. But all together I say yes ma’am!



Beautiful. I think this dress if forgettable but still beautiful.



Ok girl. Pull it together. I know you are going through a divorce and you are exhausted from changing your hair color but you look so disheveled!!! This is a stunning dress {which would be a fabulous wedding gown) but it’s falling off of you. Also,  I am not a fan of the blue/purple hair. NEXT.



Why does this dress remind me of Christmas? In a dream world I’d love for the neckline of this Jason Wu dress to be plunging, hot pink belt, and hair in a fun bouncy ponytail. AND LOOSE THE SHOES!!!!  This look just seems so Bridesmaid to me.

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I love everything about this Oscar de la Renta look….except it needs to be worn in December. Girlfriend it’s Spring! I don’t care if the weather is acting crazy outside let’s pull out the neon and happy colors! *ps your hair looks delicious.



Okkkkkkk. I know what you were going for. Superhero. Avengers Movie…I get it. But this is too costumey. Actually, if she had cut the bottom of the dress off and just had the plastic dress I could have accepted it. But from the neck up my lady you are absolute perfection. seriously GORGEOUS hair and makeup.

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Girlfriend you are cute as pie at the ‘American Pie’ premiere. I wouldn’t change a thing! The fit, the length= perfect. And the effortless hair and make-up=amazing!



Uh oh. This is not your dress lady lady. I WORSHIP this dress but it is a miss for you. The fit, the length the dimension of the dress didn’t come across on you. Usually I’m Team Rihanna but this time I must put you on my Worst Dressed List.

But can I have this dress? I honestly and truthfully need this dress in my life!!! Ahhhhhhh


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