*GUEST BLOG:Loftiss says “How to Discount Shop and Score Fabulous Finds!!!!”

Had the pleasure of writing a guest blog for Praxis. Get ready to learn something ya’ll….


I have always prided myself on mixing and matching expensive and inexpensive items. Instead of keeping my finds quiet, I usually blurt out my awesome finds with complete joy when I’m complimented. “Oh girl!  Thank you so much!  This top was $8 at TJ Maxx!” Subtleness has never been my forte. I wanted to share my tips on making your shopping trips fruitful and fabulous. The first and most important tip is to look for DETAILS!!!!


I can spot a cheap jacket a mile away. What always gives it away is the lining in the jacket. When you roll up the sleeves and the silk lining looks cheap, put it down and walk away. For an incredible jacket, look for one that has stripes that line up. Look at where the sleeve meets the shoulder and if the stripes line up properly, it’s a quality item. The same for the seam down your body. It costs more for the company to match stripes because more fabric is required.  Look for this important detail and BUY NOW.


Merchandise with silver or gold detailing is always a plus. It automatically makes the outfit looks expensive. It’s a build in accessory.


Buttons say a lot. It makes all the difference if a piece looks good vs. WOW! I tend to go for bold buttons that are statements in themselves. Especially if you are shopping for a winter coat, buttons can make all the difference between a ho hum, blah jacket to a “Wow! Where did you get that?” jacket.

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